Wednesday, August 29


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Any outfit that allows me to move around however I please and bend down to pick up the five thousand pencils I drop in a day, has either mint or a bow involved, and makes me feel like a cross between peter pan and batman is a winner. Seriously, let me wear this every day and I would. I think I found my dream pair of shorts and I never want winter to come so that I can continue to wear them obsessively (I do this, frequently). The scalloped hem, color, high-waisted fit... need I say more? It's true love.

School started on Monday and I have to say... I feel like the biggest slacker in the pre-med world. While I'm taking physics, I opted out of anatomy and physiology until summer school and I'm finishing up my pre-english requirements so that I can declare myself a double major in english which means that the rest of my classes are writing and english related. Not to belittle the english world in the very least because I know that I'll be busy with my required twenty hours of journaling a week and many, many papers to write... but after only taking science classes every semester I'm kind of excited for a change of pace.

I promise as soooon as I'm done with my bedroom and putting everything together I'll take pictures but right now I'm missing a bedframe and sleeping on a mattress in the middle of the floor and my walls are completely blank.

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also... just pretend along with me that hanging out on mountain peaks in montana is an every day occurrence dressed up like this and it's something i do with my best friends when school is slow all the time.
top: anthropologie // bottoms: ruche // shoes & hat: urban outfitters


hellolyndsey said...

You are such a cutie pattootie! I love those shorts soooo much, definitely will be looking for some thing of that color next time I go thrifting ;).

Your photos are absolutely gorgeous these days - so crystal clear and bright. I actually prefer your editing/photos over a lot of others that I see now days! Keep up the beautiful work lovely.


helen at thelovecatsINC said...

love this outfit, you look incredibly adorable!

from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

Natalie said...

Those shorts are so adorable and seriously such a lovely color. And the bow, oh the bow. Any comfortable outfit that looks so pretty is definitely a keeper. And that's great that even with pre-med requirements your schedule still has so many of the kinds of classes that you really enjoy!

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

Hahaha batman and peter pan sleeves--that made me laugh! You look so cute! This is such a perfect outfit for classes and lazy afternoons! I'm so jealous that this is so close to your campus! I don't think I'll ever take pictures on campus, well not with my tripod at least! This is such a good place to unwind and fool around in between classes! What a glorious view! So excited for you and your double major adventure! :D

Elana said...

This might just be the most perfect outfit ever. Those shorts. That top. ALL OF IT. I may have to steal everything.

Kelly said...

The bow makes it a winner for me!

Chloe, Wardrobe Quarry said...

In love with the shorts!

Wardrobe Quarry

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

pre-med?!?! girl that is AWESOME! sounds tough! And i love this outfit - the scalloped lace edges and bow are true perfection. you look adorable

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

kylee said...

cannot wait for this future bedroom photo tour.

Jamie Rose said...

Aw you look fantastic and super cute in those shorts. I love the color and the fun scalloped detailing. Your shirt is pretty great too. I wish I had one like it!