Friday, June 15

six weeks later

it's FRIDAY!
which i know is supposed to be like, the greatest day of the week. if you ask me, however, i would tell you that it's not my favorite day of the week. i'm more partial to mondays and sundays. HOWEVER, today is, in fact, an excellent day (not because it's friday) but because it happens to be a friday in which my new lens is making its little way to my house by UPS and very best of all, my final is in three hours! i think i'm more excited about taking my summer school final than i've ever been about finishing a semester long final. anyways, yesterday whilst aimlessly sticking labels onto tags for onion experiments at work, i came up with a little "summer to-do list" of things i will, well, hopefully do this summer.

between june 15th and august 28th i will:
  • go skinny dipping
  • learn to sew and alter all the clothes i've collected from goodwill and thrift stores that don't fit so that they do fit
  • go running frequently
  • experiment with my new lens and make it a mission to take as many pictures as i possibly can of every single person i know 
  • start my DIY 'like' list on pinterest to be ready for my apartment move-in date
  • GET OUTSIDE. i can't stress enough how badly i need to make this a goal. at work, i'm stuck inside all day in a windowless lab and by the time i get out of work i'm usually tired/lazy and don't want to move. 
  • go camping with my friends
  • watch some of my sister's favorite classic movies
  • blog, like, a lot
  • sit down for an hour a day and write (this is an important one). i'm done with "i need to do this" and "i should do this". if there's anything i learned in creative writing, it's that sometimes you just have to do and not think
  • only shop at thrift stores and goodwill (gotta save $$!)
  • eat outside more often
  • explore all the creepy hidden graveyards within a fifty mile radius of moscow (there are so many and so many yet to be discovered)
  • most importantly, do the things i planned on doing even if it means i have to drag my sister to palouse falls to do it. i need to stop relying on my phone to do things and just go do them. i need to stop sending texts asking people to join me and get out. i'm going to do things for me
  • be happy


kylee said...

new lens?! hoooraaay! i want to learn how to sew too. i always think that my wardrobe would be instantly doubled if i knew how to successfully thrift and sew.

Bad Taste Toast said...

Oh when you start learning how to sew will you let me know how? Because I want to learn it too but haven't found some good tutorials yet ;)

Celynne said...

I go off adventuring on my own all the time. It's kind of better that way because you discover all these awesome places that you can then bring friends to, with your prior visit as cushion for them to go do wacky stuff or new places.

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

So excited for you and all the things you're going to do this Summer! :) I can't wait to see pictures with your new lens! And I think I shall do this too...make a summer to-do list, even though my program is starting in 10 days (kind of scared about that actually...!).

Elanor said...

fantastic list, my friend. <3 i'm with you on a bunch of these and i think we can definitely make them happen.

especially the "be happy" one.
love you lady. xx

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

all of these sound like great things girl.

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

all of these sound like great things girl.

Natalie said...

I hope everything with the final went well! And that's exciting about getting a new lens. Your list of summer plans sounds like a blast. I definitely want to go camping with my friends at least once over this summer too. And thrifting is a smart move, plus you can always find great stuff! Okay, maybe not always, but sometimes you get super lucky. And oh boy, you better photograph those creepy graveyard escapades. Sounds awesome.

Mara said...

I need to get around to writing my summer to-do list as well. Learning to sew is definitely going to be on it. A useful skill, I think. Good luck on your goals!