Sunday, June 10

june so far

i always feel a bit lazy when i post my instagram updates...
but so it goes some weeks!

1. my sister is arguably my favorite person on 
the planet. and she makes some funny faces. 

2. i really love my best friends' grandparents.
no, really. we're friends, mr. renner and i.
i was invited to their 50th wedding anniversary
party, after all.

3. monday morning pancakes are becoming
a ritual. 

4. summer is slow coming to the palouse,
but bare legs and ballet flats are worth 
the wait.

5. i've made some really awesome friends
unexpectedly during summer school and i even
work with one of them. being the space cadet i am,
i forgot to bring headphones to work again
and she left hers outside my work on her way to class
so i could grab them. awesome.

6. last week, my car died in the middle of the street.
i walked home and had an extra 3 hours to study.
worth it. i got a whole 30 percent above the 
class average.

7. best part about working/living in
washington? cougar country dipped cones.

8. my work's hallway is creeeeeepy.


Beautifully Pure said...

Looks like a good month so far!

And that hallway is creepy. Do you watch Doctor Who? I hope not. That is exactly the kind of hallway the writers would have some villains abducting people from - and having watched that would make working there even worse! :-P

Hope the rest of your month is great! :D

Anonymous said...

your month seems pretty awesome to me!

Jull Diaz said...

so beautiful photos! ñ.ñ