Saturday, June 2


i like 2am,
or any time after everyone
in the house has fallen asleep.

i like the people you randomly
come across (but only when they're people
you haven't seen in two years) and
i like the way music played in the car 
mixed with the blackness beyond the windshield
seems to have
more magic to it than it does at 2pm.
i like the texts and the calls.
i like the way spontaneity
seems to feel more thrilling.
i like the way it feels like you know
a secret that only the other people 
still awake share with you.

mostly, i like how you can finally hear
yourself think.



Mary said...

Beautiful, stirring

Benlovesting said...

Love this!


i agree :) often, you can only hear yourself think when the world around you is asleep... I love those moments too :)