Saturday, June 9

rain, Ingrid, and yellow

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  • summer school has me in a bind. i'm in pullman more than im home. between class which has me hunkered down not only for 90 minutes of lecture every day but eight hours of lab a week. ugh. throw in two part-time jobs and it feels like i sleep in idaho but live in washington. 
  • as much as i complain about it, i know i'm actually going to miss my schedule when summer school ends.
  • i took pictures of my sister today. for someone who hates the camera, we got some pretty great pictures.
  • i'm in love with button down shirts lately. i can't get enough of them. 
  • my dad has been gone all week and i've spent the night in bed with my mom every night. it's been a brilliant end to the day to curl up in bed with my mama and have nightly chats.
  • these pictures were taken by my sister. last night's eye liner, messy hair, rainy days, big cardigans, and an unwashed face? it shows and i don't even mind.
  • i'm really, really happy that that i'm the kind of person that can make their own happiness.
  • ingrid michaelson provides the perfect music for rainy day drives.
  • it's been a month since i got home and i still haven't fully unpacked. 
  • my mom got a pinterest this week. she's addicted.
  • i realize that i never wear my real glasses on my blog and yet i wear them every single day all day long. i don't know why this is and it hasn't been a conscious choice to not wear them. peculiar indeed.
  • i went to the class of 2012's graduation last night and it reminded me of how awesome my hometown is. and in a way, made me fall for it a little bit more.
  • ...and also depressed me. seeing some people i graduated with there that i haven't seen in two years? weird. seeing people i graduated with that don't seem like they've grown up the slightest bit? weird. seeing people i graduated with that seem like they've actually regressed in the whole aging/growing up process? depressing.
  • there are things on this blog i sometimes wish i could take back. things i said. too personal of memories i shared. things that hurt to look at months or years later. there are things i wish i could share sometimes that are perhaps too personal. however, i've always vouched to write this blog like no one reads it and i'll be darned if anything changes that. honesty is and always will be the best policy. 
i'm wearing:
shirt- Jcrew
cardigan & flats- Urban Outfitters
jeans- American Eagle


Jamie Rose said...

You look so cute in this casual outfit! I'm loving the dotted blouse paired with your yellow cardigan.

Chloe, Wardrobe Quarry said...

I love how you've paired the white, black spotted top with the inverse on the little hair bow. If that makes any sense...

Wardrobe Quarry

Amelia said...

love the flip flopped polka dots

hellolyndsey said...

I love your simply adorable outfit, your real glasses, your amazingly beautiful unwashed face, messy hair, and last nights eyeliner,and your honesty! (awesomesauce that my iPod shuffled to taylor swift's album while reading your blog!) I can totally relate to feeling odd about seeing people you graduated with and it feel weird/depressing. I run into them all the time when I'm out and I actually dread seeing any of them. I love being an introvert so much that it's strange. But it's me and i'll stay that way.

Keep on keepin on love.

Amanda said...

Love that outfit, especially that sweater, such an amazing color. Hope things get a little less stressful for you.

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

i can't imagine not wearing my glasses in blog photos.
and you look adorable. and i didn't go to my town's 'apricot fiesta' which happens every year and is like a reunion for everyone we went to high school with. and i'm so glad i didn't go.

Beautifully Pure said...

Aw! This outfit is so pretty, and having not washed your face/put on new makeup does not show at all! You look adorable - as always! <3

Sounds like your summer is great so far! I'm so happy for you. I'm the sort of person that can make my own happiness, as well, and I love it - even if some people think I'm too optimistic and happy all the time. Depression doesn't suit me, so I avoid it at almost all costs. ;) That's how I like my life, and that's how I live it.

Also, if I haven't told you before I just *adore* your style! It's so perfect! <3

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

That. Shirt. Needs. To. Be. Mine. Now! I've been obsessed with blouses lately too! Ah! Love the yellow cardigan and the polka dots :) I love that you're so open on your blog Maggie. It's something I can rarely bring myself to do! I hope you never, ever lose that! It's such a great thing to look back on, whether it hurts or not--you're still able to look back on your thoughts and feelings on a certain situation. I can't do that, and sometimes I regret it, but it is what it is<3

Jull Diaz said...

wow! Your blouse is beautiful! I love the colors! kisses baby

Ebony said...

I love Ingrid.
Don't ever change your writing style or hold back saying the things you wanna say miss.

city said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.