Monday, June 25


june25 I can't help but feel like I shouldn't enjoy my commute every single day to WSU as much as I do, but regardless of the approximate 1.03 gallons of gas it takes to get there and back, there is nothing I love more than those fifteen minutes of 'me' time every morning and every afternoon. Accompanied by nothing but my iPod, those precious fifteen minutes are when I take time to marvel at what's around me; the amazing rolling hills I fall in love with every single time I come home and miss terribly when I go away to school, the simple beauty in a cloudless blue sky, and everything cliche about a pristine summer day in Northern Idaho. I love it so incredibly much. It's almost worth the four dollars of gas. Sometimes I think I want to live in a city someday after living in a teensy town my whole life, but when I'm here in the summer and everything in Moscow moves at a snail pace, I don't know that I could see myself settling down to raise a family anywhere else. Maybe I'll go to graduate school and start a career in a city, but after that, I think I might be a small town girl forever.

There's nothing better than a paycheck that's absolutely yours. And there's nothing better than buying something with your own money. That being said, it makes me calculate in my head exactly how many hours of work something is worth. $4.38 for coffee? No, 27 minutes of dissecting invertebrates. Also, having my own paychecks again is also awesome because it feels really sweet when you can take your parents out to dinner on your own dime. Huzzah.

I had my best friend change my password to Facebook a few weeks ago and I can't even explain how nice it is. There are people I miss stalking (a lot) but then there are people I don't miss stalking and am silently happy that the only means of knowing what they're up to is by my own accord. It also makes it necessary to actually reach out and contact people to find out how they're doing instead of just looking online. It's a terrible habit of mine and I've actually realized how refreshing it is to do just that. I may not have her change my password back for months because I don't miss it even the slightest bit.

I've had an insane desire to travel lately. Of course, I have no means of doing so because I bought a car and went to summer school, but I've been thinking about what I want to do when I graduate almost obsessively for the past few weeks. I know that I don't want to go back to school immediately when I graduate because when I decide to go to school again after, I want to know what I want to do and what direction I'm going to go. And while I'm still young, I want to travel and experience everything I can. I've spent a lot of time on Google researching programs that take new college grads and place them around the world doing everything from teaching kids English in Korea to working on strawberry farms in France. I'm more and more convinced that I'm going to do something abroad when I graduate and it makes me so excited for the future.

My best friend and roommate of two years Jenny and I signed a lease to an apartment a while back and it's made me so excited to have our own apartment! Living accommodations not related to the University in any way, spacious, separate bedrooms with their own bathrooms, and granite countertops in the kitchen!? I'm so excited. We've been texting each other whenever we find/buy something to put in it, like couches or coffee tables, and today at Goodwill I lucked out with a complete set of vintage dishes that are hand-painted. And, they only cost $7. For four plates, four bowls, four mugs, and four mini-plates. Also, I've already decided that we're going to have a photo wall in our kitchen like the one I saw on pinterest. So excited.

Also on my Goodwill hunt, I scored an awesome vintage red lace shift dress. At first I was unsure by the longer length and form fit, but after wearing it for five minutes in the dressing room, there was no way I was leaving without it.

I have yet to find a skinny white belt anywhere. It seems like it's impossible to find the most basic of clothing items sometimes.


Jasmine said...

Okayyyyyyy. I can relate to so much of this post Maggie! After being in the same city and house for the past 17 yrs, I too thought I wanted to move to a city and just have a completely different life. But I love it here and I do love drives on my own because I have that "me" time that's so hard to come by. From elementary school to grad school in the same city, I really do love it here. I think I ultimately want to move a little closer to the beach, but I will always be a SoCal girl :) I miss work and getting paychecks. Now nothing is really worth dipping into my savings account for lol. And I've been off Facebook since last September. It's been so liberating! I love it! I'm not sure I'll ever go back since I wouldn't want stuff there to haunt me when I'm applying for jobs or when I do have a real teaching job. I graduated a year early as an undergrad and took 2 yrs to work and play before starting grad school now. It was really good for me. I was so burnt out but now I'm refreshed for the intense year that's happening. I didn't get to travel as much as I would've liked but I'm hoping to do that the time in between grad school and working. And besides as a teacher, I get summers off ;)

Love your recent posts Maggie<3 Your last outfit was just darling! Will definitely draw inspiration from that when I'm in a rut one morning!

Ariel Tyler said...

I don't think it's possible for me to love this post any more. I disconnected from fb for like a month not too long ago and it was AMAZING.

New follower of your blog. Love it!

herecomesthesun said...

Just discovered your blog and wanted to say its beautiful :)