Saturday, June 23

albums i can't stop listening to

+ // ed sheeran
synthetica // metric
headfirst // jillian edwards
unbroken // demi lovato
signal fire // cataldo
barton hallow // the civil wars
hunter hayes // hunter hayes
human again // ingrid michaelson
we are the tide // blind pilot

between my commute to WSU every single day and my long shifts at work, i have had a lot of time plugged into my iPod these days. it's kind of amazing and extremely therapeutic. in particular, these albums have been my most played recently. and by most played, i mean, they're all i'm listening to. i can be the kind of music listener who has an album or a song they're obsessed with and plays the same thing on repeat for an entire 8 hour shift at work. it's somewhat ridiculous, but i have a feeling that some of these are albums i could never, ever stop listening to nor grow tired of. especially ed sheeran, jillian edwards, the civil wars, and blind pilot. music to my ears. if you haven't heard of nor listened to ed sheeran, go do yourself a HUGE favor. i'm obsessing to the max. listen to little bird, sunburn, give me love, kiss me, drunk, and small bump. and if you're a harry potter fan, rupert grint is in the "lego house" music video. seriously, i could go on and on and on about ed sheeran if i could, but i figure you should just listen to him so we can obsess together. 

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kylee said...

amen to metric & blind pilot. not even kidding you i went into sudden blind pilot obsession mode last week.