Monday, May 14

things i learned today

being too ambitious when you haven't worked out in two weeks and it's already 75 degrees at 9:30am and you are already dehydrated equals a terrible run and nearly passing out on the side of the road after making it up the terrible awful hill. yes, that happened. the kind old man who was doing yard work hurried over to me when i nearly collapsed on the curb and asked if i was alright. and then proceeded to ask if i needed water. do old people apply to the 'don't talk to strangers' rule? i said no, after considering what would happen if he took me inside and chopped me up with his steak knives or shot me with his Idahoan gun, and once i regained normal eye sight and could breathe regularly again, walked the rest of the way home.

it's not a good idea to forget to brush your teeth and also make yourself late to class so that by the time you make it, you smell like you just played in a soccer game and your breath smells like coffee. oops. i guess it worked, though, because not only did i get my new friend's name, but her phone number as well! huzzah! (making new friends in a forced manner way makes me feel like a freshmen again)(...i don't like it now any more than i did then). also, choosing the girl with the Vet Club tshirt on is always a safe bet. animal people are always safe.

i thought my parents were embarrassing in high school when they would pick me up in front of the school, but today i saw a mother actually get out of her car and stand a foot away from the school entrance doors to wait for her high school student to come outside. oh lord. let's never be that parent. however, being walked to my first summer class by my dad in college felt okay (better than okay! it was a blast!), so maybe it's just high school that's bad? yes.

it's always a bad idea to listen to your all time favorite songs when you are going through a rough time or really unhappy because you'll listen to them a year later on the radio and be reminded of it. again, again, and again as the chorus is played.

running into people you went to high school with but were never really friends with but still obviously recognize and know never gets better. it just gets more weird the older we get.

don't wear your new jcrew button down to class no matter if you're trying to appear nice and approachable through clothing because it will just happen to be the day it reaches above 80 degrees for the first time and you'll sweat all the way home through that new shirt. it's unfortunate.

*clearly, if these are the extent of my problems, i'm doing okay and don't have much to worry about.
** still, viable lessons, kiddos.


Mary said...

Love this. You're so great.

honeybear said...

So, so true about the music. I can't listen to some of my favorite songs because they remind of some sad times!

Natalie said...

Oh geez, I'm sorry your run was kind of crappy! But if my friend who took like six months off of running after cross country was over can get herself back into it, I have full confidence in you. Maybe just when it's a tad cooler outside. :)

Yeah, making friends next year is going to be hard. I'm actually pretty terrified of how alone I am going to feel the first few weeks until I (hopefully) find people. Thankfully I have mastered the art of avoiding my parents to minimize avoidance as much as possible, haha. Seeing people from high school in the future is definitely going to be weird.

Mara said...

Very sound advice. Especially on running into people from high school, yeesh that is awkward.

charley said...

Awww, life lessons! xo

charley said...

Awww, life lessons! xo

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

Ah, I hate bumping into people from high school. There is always that awkward dance and then inevitably (at least with me) they are more successful than me. I shouldn't have gone to school with such smarty-pants. I hope you are feeling better now, and take some water with you next time you run! xo

Celynne said...

I'm pretty sure a totally random stranger offering you assistance when you look like you need it ISN'T about to chop you into a billion pieces. And you're old enough not to worry about talking to strangers anymore, or else you'd never make any new friends ever :P