Wednesday, May 9

all good things come to an end

dear creative writing,

thank you for being the best class i've taken yet. thank you mostly to modcloth model for making it what it was; the way you structured the class and created such an open and welcoming environment for everyone was truly spectacular. for the first time in college, i found joy in the classroom again. a reason to work and a reason to find that passion in school again. i've found it in small pieces over the past four semesters, but i've never been able to put them together enough so that i could finally feel happy sitting in a desk doing what i'm doing.

thank you for making me a better person. i'm a better writer, but i'm also a better person. i learned about people, i learned about relationships of every kind, i learned about story telling, i learned tricks, and i learned a lot about me. i have no idea what kind of a writer i am or if i even am one, but i think i've figured out that i want to be one. i just have to decide what kind of writer that is. i've learned about what makes a story "a story" and i've learned not to take it so seriously; at the end of the day, a story can be told just for enjoyment. it doesn't have to "mean something" (and often times, when you try less, you achieve more). 

i got an A in your class, but i hardly cared when i opened my portfolio to see it. it was never about a grade and in a lot of ways, i've learned grades aren't what count, being pre-med isn't what counts, but that just studying and devoting time to doing something you love counts. passions matter! and i'm sick of listening to the voice in my head that says i'll never succeed if i pursue writing, that i'm a terrible writer, that i'll never go anywhere, and that i should stick with what's practical. it doesn't matter if anyone else thinks i'm a "good" writer, their opinion doesn't count. mine does. i don't think i'm a great writer but i think it's something i love and passion sometimes means more than skills.

i'm done.

and i'm now double majoring. i knew that was coming, and i didn't need a class to show me that's what i needed to do, but i did need this class to show me how i felt about it. and guess what? i'm happy.




Chloe, Wardrobe Quarry said...

I would love to do a creative writing course.

Wardrobe Quarry

Leslie Quiros said...

one of my favorite classes in college was creative writing.. I learned so so much there!
congrats on the A