Friday, May 11

first day of summer

a perfect first summer day

summer2 summer4 summer1 summer3
1. woke up at 10am, mom served me coffee in bed, finished the
new episode of grey's anatomy (OH MY GOODNESS!),
and read some blogs.
2. drove (!!!) to pullman, met my dad who walked me
to my first biology class (so glad i go to a teensy
tiny campus that's completely flat), went to class, tried
to make new friends, knew everything in lecture already,
and WSU uses the same clickers we do (score!).
3. came home to a letter in the mail and 
my new splurged anthropologie headband! aye aye!
4. lunch with my momma downtown. 
5. went on an adventure with my best friend.
there's nothing prettier than the rolling hills
in the spring. walked to the top of one. 
loved every second.
blasted josh ritter in the car.

i'm home!
which means, back to regular blogging.


kylee said...

how did i not know you were a grey's fan?! or maybe i did and i forgot. did you see the previews for the finale?! i am freaaaakkking outtt. hooray for little grey finally telling sloan she loves him. i have been crossing my fingers for those two all season long.

Daiane Silveira said...

What a beautiful summer ... Here in Brazil it is winter and we're starting to feel the cooler breezes ... Although of course does not compare to winter there because there is more ice and snow have ... I hope you enjoy the summer as well ...

One day maybe I too will enjoy the summer in another country ...