Sunday, May 13

hey mom

mothers day
i think you're kind of the best mom in the world, but that's what we're supposed to say. i think you're the prettiest mom in the world, too, but that's also what we're supposed to say. but, you know, both of those things are very true.

thank you for always having my back, standing up to my bullies and teaching me to stand up for myself. thank you for becoming more than a mom as i grow up, but a best friend, too. i don't know how i could have gotten through the year without your phone calls while i cried on the other end of the line and just listened. you always know what to say. you're pretty great. i love that i know for a fact sophie and i are your world and it shows. it means everything to have someone love us that much and know it.

you and dad make quite the team. i have no idea how you did it, but you two are some of the most amazing parents around. i'm so excited to grow up and for our relationship to continue to grow.

you're the best.


Bad Taste Toast said...

How touching! I agree, mums are always the best! <3

Anonymous said...

what cute pancakes. I hope you had a splendid Mother's Day and made your mom very happy!

Sam B said...

OMG Maggey How lovely is the post :) Happy Mother's day to your mom :)