Thursday, May 24

did you know?

...that john mayer lived in montana for the past two years? approximately two hours from where i have lived for the past four semesters of college!? um. what. if i had known this, i would have spent my weekends driving on every dirt road in montana peeking through the windows of various enormous ranches until i found him.

...the duck penis is an entire 16 inches long and is cork-screw shaped. seriously. and basically, every female duck is raped during reproduction which is why the male reproductive organ is so long.

...finding a place to live and the entire "apartment/housing application process" is ridiculously frustrating. the rejection you face when you didn't get the house or the apartment that you'd already meticulously planned where your future goodwill-ed furniture would go is worse than being rejected by any guy.

...the worst way to go into a test is knowing that you have a three day weekend ahead. i'm going to be antsy the entire 75 minutes. oh, and it's also made studying nearly impossible and the ten hours i've clocked feel like the most unproductive hours of studying i've ever spent. from mom to buy dinner when you're going to be in pullman from 7am to 9pm is kind of the best part about being home. i miss those crisp bills but receiving them on the rare occasion these days makes them all the more meaningful and enjoyable. yeah, i'm happy to be one of those college kids that doesn't get fed money on the weekly while i'm gone.

...making new friends feels like freshmen year, but it's kind of the most rewarding experience around when you make a friend that just clicks. especially when they also work in your lab and you spend 30+ hours a week between class and work together. fate, kids!

have a swell  friday.


kylee said...

i would have come out there and we could have searched for john mayer together. his new cd is fabulous. i have been listening to it non-stop for the past couple of days.

Natasha said...

This list is awesome. I SO know the woes of apartment hunting. It's awful. I hate, hate, hate it!

This is way late to respond, but I wanted to thank you for your unbelievably sweet and meaningful comment that you left on my blog about my LCH post. Honestly, it meant so much! Your blog is absolutely beautiful and I'm SO happy that I found it. New follower! So happy to have met you, girl!

Natalie said...

What the hell? Is the duck itself even 16 inches long? That is... interesting. Haha.

Oh man, I hope you find an apartment/place to live soon. That does sound very upsetting. Once you do get a place though, I can't wait to see how you decorate it.