Wednesday, May 16

how to be happy on a wednesday morning

  • set your alarm for 7am the night before, but don't actually get out of bed until 7:45am. 
  • immediately put on your running gear (but do so slowly and make sure you are wearing your most fluorescent colors) and make a workout playlist with your favorite songs of the moment you can't stop listening to (it'll make you so excited to push play).
  • ask your mother politely to leave a fresh pot of coffee for you for when you get back.
  • run run run!!!! you'll feel so good after three morning runs in a row. and there's nothing better than a crisp morning in the spring. make sure to do your ab workouts at the top of the hill, even if you're huffing and puffing to the point that you want to puke (again). hey, at least you get to lay down for ab workouts, right?!
  • come home and go with your dad to get gas because you tend to leave that for the very last second (12.783 galloons in a ~12 gallon tank? it was close, guys).
  • realize when all the cheerios are gone and you got up early to go running, you deserve a little bit of a splurge and go for making yourself pancakes. trust me, it's way easier and way more fun to make pancakes for one than an entire family.
  • seeing your baby sister who really isn't your "baby sister" anymore who just got her braces off before she goes to school. it feels like you never really get older, but your siblings change before your eyes. how is it that she'll be 18 in a matter of months!?
  • even though it's only been six days since your last final and you have your first exam of summer school, you pretty much studied way more than you normally would have and actually made flash cards and did them so you know it's going to be a five star day in the end.
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Elliespeaks said...

This post makes me long for instagram x

Natalie said...

Running is always a fantastic start to any of my days. :) And obnoxious colored clothing (my shoes are bright purple and green) make it all the more fun. And mmm, pancakes sound delicious right now.

Geneva Garcia said...

I so love this post of yours! Makes me wanna do it all! :)

I'm just new here and I love your blog already! I like your blog design! Full of florals <3

Oh and please visit my blog if you have time. :)