Tuesday, May 15

him & her: spring

IMG_1954 IMG_1903 IMG_1896 IMG_1867 IMG_1843 IMG_1852 IMG_1855 IMG_1926" IMG_1971 IMG_1957 IMG_1850
thanks again, danielle!!!
it was a lot of fun to take pictures with you and i'm
excited to take more with you this summer!

we might be getting down the whole picture thing...trust me, it used to be awful.  the age old question seems to be: what do i do with my hands!? it turned out to be pure coincidence that  we wore red accents which worked pretty darn well if i do say so myself. also, it should be mentioned that if my sister is reading this and any other real life lurkers: i apologize for the pda. it's only reserved for the camera, promise. 

i'm struck every day by how awesome it is that i get to take this kid with me to college and take him back home for the summer. sometimes when we're at school together, i forget that we came from the same high school and share the same home town. it isn't like we're one couple here at home and another away at school, but it's so easy to forget where we started from as just two kids from a small town that had a crush. i see my friends at the beginning stages of their relationships sometimes and see how giddy they are and sometimes almost miss that newness, but then i realize i'm more comfortable around niklaas than any of my friends and that is something only two years of friendship can give and i'm happy. it really just gets better and better, friends!

Modcloth Dainty Squid dress
Red F21 tights
uo black flats

jcrew blazer & pants
h&m shirt & cardigan
uo oxfords
ascot thrifted


Despina T. said...

omg how cute!
you look great both of you.
such a sweet post :)

Jamie Rose said...

My boyfriend is mine at school and at home too! I can't believe we started dating all the way back in high school four years ago. I wish he would take cute pictures like this with me! You two are so adorable and I love how nicely you two coordinated your outfits. So cute!

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

I'm dying from how adorable this whole post is! Kisses on the forehead are the best :)

Maggie Shirley said...

The one of him kissing your head is PRECIOUS.

Elliespeaks said...

Firstly, this post is awesome! I love that you're so open about your relationship because it's obviously strong and good and lovely and flippin' eck we need more strong, good and lovely in this life.

Secondly, I really want to start doing outfit posts of my blog but I just don't have fancy camera equipment. Do you think it's possible to start a blog with just a small digi camera!?

Much love!

Shauna said...


kylee said...

holy crap your dressss! i am in love with it! i'm in love with the pictures too. numbers three, six, and twelve to be exact. twelve takes the cake.

Jessica said...

aw, these pictures are adorable!

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

you two are adorable!

Steffys Pros and Cons

Elanor said...

aw, really, this is just precious. i can't really say anymore. <3

Mary said...

You are one lucky girl.

Mary said...

You are one lucky girl.

Channie ♥ said...

I just had to comment maggey!!! You guys are sooo cute together! Don't ever break up. haha :)

helen @ thelovecatsINC said...

soooo cute!


helen @ http://thelovecatsinc.blogspot.com

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I read your guest post on Girl Next Door Fashion and fell in love with your love story. These pictures are adorable!


You guys are so cute!!!

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