Tuesday, May 22

his style

sometimes it's really nice to have a boyfriend who dresses well. and i'm not talking about just the occasional time when you want to fake pretend like you're as cute as summer and tom or chuck and blaire. i'm talking about the times when you're too busy with summer school and two jobs to wear a skirt let alone put on any makeup whatsoever (...it's actually not so bad this never getting ready gig and i think i'm growing fond of it). i've been snapping photos of niklaas for the past month or so every time we've gone out never really knowing what i'd do with them but today i think i found the perfect solution.

yes, i think he dresses pretty well, even if my little sister would say that it draws questions about his sexual orientation (i beg to differ, that's just idaho for you). and yes, i may have bought a navy gingham button down blouse for myself after seeing him wear his in so many creative ways. i'm obsessed. and on more than one occasion, i've stolen his band tshirts which doesn't make him too happy (they're so soft). and a cardigan here and there. it's lucky i'm dating him because i think we might have some problems if i gawked at someone else who dressed that well as much as i do at niklaas. but then again, maybe i'm a little biased.
haircuts sweater DSC_1776 IMG_0487 <untitled> 108 instas niklaasandistripes DSC_1190
needless to say, i'm quite fond of his style transformation since high school.


Amelia said...

cute! your boy gotz style :)

Leslie Quiros said...

he definitely dresses pretty well!! definitely thumbs up :)

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

Wow, he does dress well! xo