Monday, May 7

may as told by instagram

the space needle // sometimes, we just happen to match? it isn't 
planned but when it does, there will probably
 be a picture taken // bored in nordstroms // i'm having 
a tough time with the 
iphone // 13 hours straight in the
 library? done // new norah jones = week made
my sperrys never want to 
stay tied // rainy days = hunters, always the 
hunters //amazing pistachio gelato from 
our two year anniversary dinner (i was so spoiled!) //
roommate sharpie tattoos // best 
dessert in the world // my roommate looks better
in my clothes than i do (and i'm okay with it)
studying in the library endlessly 
// trying new food at dinner // seattle 
*taken by niklaas* // my two favorite 
things ever: HIMYM and SPKs // vanilla
ice cream, giant cookie, serve warm // fro-yo
there are so many adorable puppies
 on campus and it's truly the best thing ever //
anthropologie accessories are my 
new favorite // stripes + bow + mustard yellow //
heaviest backpack on the smallest person

i realize i've been pretty absent around here and it's all due to finals week. some things have to take priority and finals are one of those. sorry, dearest blog, but i'll be back soon! i have 
a breakfast with my creative writing teacher tomorrow, i stayed 
up until 3am studying genetics last night and woke up at 7am this morning
to continue studying before the final. aced it? i *hope* i did. statistics is nearly
over and i couldn't be happier. i get to see my family soon!!!!
another great thing? knowing we have a summer ahead of us
to spend together at home. how amazing is it that i get to have my
best friend at school and when i come home!? it's one less friend to leave
behind when everyone parts ways for the summer.

p.s. does everyone else love may as much as i do?


kylee said...

love himym. the other night i had a dream that i went skiing with ted. coolest dream ever right? going home?! hooray! should i send your letter to a different address?

Jessica said...

Of all the months of the year, I think May has to be the one with the most promise. Even more than January. Everything feels new and refreshed. It's the start of summer, the start of fun times and new beginnings...I love it!

Natalie said...

Your matching shirt and shoes are so precious, haha. And I really like that color. Best of luck with the madness of finals! Eek, so much studying, always so much studying...

And the prospect of summer right around the corner is so promising. I think that's part of what makes May so wonderful.

Megan said...

Goodluck with your exams I am sure you will ace them!! May makes me a little apprehensive as its only a month until winter for us!

Mary said...

What's your Instagram name?

Anonymous said...

So cute! Okay waaah how are you doing the two picture thing?! Photobucket took that privilege away from me :(