Monday, September 30

what mondays should always feel like

Today I wore running tights to school with green shorts and a red jacket. I didn't even bother putting on mascara. The thing is, it didn't even feel like a big deal. 

Today I played soccer in the rain with people who have become some of my closest friends in three years and though we didn't win, it's those moments when we are on the field and someone falls with no one else around them and we all laugh that make a long day of class a thing of the Mondays. Pre-game, halftime, and post-game talks are included in that, too.

Today I saw a flash of blue Patagonia and a phone call later I was at my friend's house with her cat.

Today one of my favorite PEOPLE in the world blogged again. It felt like Christmas morning. 

Today I owned up to the fact that freshmen are beginning to think I live in their dorm because one of my other favorite sisters goes to school with me now so I have a new place to snack and talk and eat brownies. Small price. 

Today I realized I'm more excited than I am scared about the possibility of what something could be. And isn't that just a splendid unexpected thing?


petal and plume said...

wow, what an absolutely wonderful blog you have!

Unknown said...

Maggie I love your blog almost as much as I love you!

Mary said...

Mmm. Another good list.

Jennifer said...

The end of this post was so great. :) Your posts always make me smile. by the way, I quoted you in my latest blog post, haha.