Wednesday, October 2

sun still rises even through the pain

Things are happening/changing in my part of the world.

The tips of almost every tree has some amount of color to them. It's cold enough to wear my favorite fleece lined Lindsay Weir green coat but not cold enough that I have to wear gloves so I don't freeze on my walk to school. 

My first round of midterm papers have been completed and turned in. My first midterm is next week. My classes so far have been fun, interesting, engaging, and have made me feel like my education actually makes sense for my life. 

Head and The Heart's new album is days away. And they just released two new songs off their new album and the amount of emotion I experienced in my bedroom at midnight last night over listening to the album I'll be listening to in the car and while I walk around Missoula for the next two years until they release a new one was unreal. Favorite line? "Sun still rises even with the pain".

I got a new comforter, new sheets, a new mattress pad, and new pillows. It was time. My bed is quite seriously my haven and I'm so happy to fall asleep in it every night. Also, no more neck cramps! My mood has dramatically increased solely because of that fake Tempur-Pedic pillow I bought, I'm certain of it.

I booked my first wedding after second shooting a few weeks ago so officially my 4th of July holiday next summer is taken. Also, other things are brewing in the wedding photography business as well. I'm thankful it'll be two years since I started taking pictures that I'm getting into weddings. I feel lucky and excited to do it, but it is hard stuff. I'm glad I know my camera, have taken a class, and will be ready. 

I am back to running! Running is so good. I forget how much more I feel connected to this little city and the environment when I run. I forget how slow the world feels when I run and like time is actually tangible for those precious miles on the trail. I'm so becoming my mother. 

A couple weekends ago, I hiked to the top of a mountain at 2am. I went swing dancing last weekend. I stayed up until 5:30am watching New Girl. Today I ate pancakes at lunch. This weekend plans have been made. I'm smiling.


Unknown said...

Maggie, I was so excited to see this new post, and so excited when you posted the Head and the Heart link!

Brissa said...


Emma Jane said...

This is super cute. I'm so happy you are happy :) Yes Head and the Heart. YES.

Also, New Girl all nighter? I'v been there. No regrets. No shame.

Tightrope to the Sun

Heresy 30k said...

Good for you! Killin' it at life.

becca said...

your writing is really wonderful and I think you should continue to pursue that. and photography too. really really.

that paragraph about running and the world slowing down and time being tangible was so nice. I feel when I run as if anything is possilbe, and sometimes if it's been too long since running my mood is dramatically less positive.

here's to more late nights and time spent doing what gets you going.