Thursday, September 12


Have you ever seen me eat pizza?
Let's proceed.
DSC_0031 DSC_0028 Untitled-1 DSC_0024 DSC_0021 I don't have an extremely broad food palette. It's broadened into eating asparagus, yams, and the occasional salad but it's usually fruit and carbs for me. The couple who I lived with called me the "bird eater". 

But when it comes to pizza, I turn from bird eater to grizzly eater. I. Love. Pizza. I could eat it every day of the week. In fact, I'm pretty sure there was a time when I lived alone this summer that I made pizza leftovers last a few days before buying a new one when the old one ran out. Honestly, pesto pizza is my favorite main dinner dish. 

The first time I came to Montana to check out the University of Montana, I wasn't completely sold. I loved the campus- but Montana? I was convinced I couldn't live anywhere more desolate than Idaho. Then I came to The Bridge purely by accident on my way home and it wasn't just the pizza, but it was the atmosphere. It was in that moment I "got" Missoula. It's where college students, families with croc wearing babies, hipster conjoined lovers, and the 1960's secretary glasses wearing older ladies come together. And then, because of scholarships and the campus under the mountain and of course- The Bridge! that I decided to go here.

I love going back here because it's one of the only places where I can remember Missoula from before I moved here. Most of my opinions and memories of Missoula were formed after. I don't have a lot of first impressions of Missoula from a purely objective standpoint. And whenever I eat at The Bridge, I sort of remember that high school senior who crept in here with her dad and wondered what it would be like if I moved here. Who would I meet? Would it feel like home? Would I ever eat here again? Would I hate it? I had no idea that this life would be mine and that it would become everything I wanted in so many ways I didn't expect.


Abbey said...

I love that first picture. Pretty sure that's how I also look.

Kaili at impeccablykaili said...

Aww haha you're adorable. I used to be called "the little bird" by the family I lived with during my senior year of high school because I ate so little and so slowly.
I'm definitely going to miss Missoula and I've only been here for a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Hi love, I've just discovered your adorable blog and I am so hooked! These photos literally made me laugh out loud, I love how open and silly you are! Pizza is the best.

Xo, Hannah

DawnieP said...

Oh god I love pizza too, I want to eat pizza now, I want to eat all the pizza. I don't have pizza though...


The sads are mine.


Inanity and the Girl

Emma Jane said...

*slow claps while viewing first picture* That is perfect. The most perfect food picture ever taken.

I have a coffee shop in the city where I am moving that makes me feel like I can conquer the city and feel like home there. I live in a city about 20 minutes outside of Salt Lake City and I'm moving in soon. That cafe already feels like a home. It's amazing how restaurants and places like that can do that. :)

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