Sunday, September 8

weddings, Saturday nights & Sunday mornings, and favorite dresses

There's something about waking up at noon on a Sunday on your living room couch. There's something about the contrast of thundering pummeling rain and the sounds of a friend snoring softly next to you on the floor. Call it some sort of contentedness or warmth of being surrounded on all sides by LIFE and the noises it makes after a Saturday night of board game playing and thunder storms- but it was the most contended way to wake up.

So, I'm ombre again. But this time I'm a blonde one. I know ombre quit being cool months ago and it's not even worth my time to try to defend the two second decision I made to do it or act like it was really hard to go against the masses here in Montana telling me ombre went out a long time ago. Boring brown mop no more, I say!

On to other things, yesterday I woke up at 7am, loaded up a buttered english muffin and protein bar for the road, and drove 100 miles to a part of Montana I've never seen completely on my own in my little Subaru. How have I never really noticed how BIG and expansive and huge and pretty Montana is? Because I've only gone as far as Missoula, that's why. Which is a darn shame. There was this splendid moment where the sun was coming up as I crested the pass going 45mph without another soul on the road that the chorus to Pompeii began that seemed almost too perfect to be something not contrived by my imagination. Then, after arriving at a big red barn that is an actual historic landmark, for four and then some hours I got to shoot my very first wedding with another photographer in Missoula and I had an adrenaline rush the entire time. Is that possible? I'm saying it is. Were my fingers and wrists sore after holding up a six pound camera for that long? They're still sore today.

I guess that's all that's new for now. I really enjoyed blogging almost every day this week and lugging my camera around felt less like lugging for once in the past three months so it could just be that I'm feeling blog inspired again. No promises, but I hope it's here to stick. 

OH, and this is my favorite dress. I know everyone was wondering. Also, it's definitely still summer. I'm not over summer yet even as I sit here with a pumpkin spice flavored tea.
Untitled-1 DSC_1189 DSC_1111 Also, this is Danielle. Who I managed to steal from our old stomping grounds in the Palouse to go to school in Montana. She makes me laugh like no other and is prettier than the sea and you'll probably see her a lot for the next two years.


Emma Jane said...

I refuse to accept that ombre is over. I love ombre. I have some dark brown and red ombre happening right now and it. is. my. JAM. Never not ombre.

I love your dress. I love Danielle's dress. Ya'll are some snappy dressers!

Tightrope to the Sun

kylee said...

that dress is perfect on you. seriously SOOOOO flattering. and hi, your hair looks amazing. and per usual, i'm obsessing over your glasses. force danielle to do a tutorial on that top knot before i leave in 16 days, because HOLY SMOKES, IT'S PERFECT!

Abbey said...

I love the blonde ombre look! So exciting that you shot a wedding!!

Natalie said...

YOU ARE GORGEOUS. It's silly. I really really like that dress.

Those moments where music seems to perfectly line up like a soundtrack to life are rather stellar.

That's really fantastic that you got to shoot a wedding. I bet all of the photos came out amazingly.

Meera said...

I absolutely love ombre hair – it looks so gorgeous! That dress is adorable. Lovely photographs!

xo, Meera |
twitter + instagram: @meeranavlakha

Carolyne O' said...

Fabulous dress <333 It' so cute, I've one similar and it's one of my fave too :)
Cute and lovely blog, what about following each other via GFC and Bloglovin? Just let me know!


Rachel Emma @ Daydream Frenzy said...

You probably get this a lot, but your bangs are fabulous! :) And yes, summer is def still here, at least in Texas it is haha and I'm pretty sure it will stay that way until November. But that won't stop be from drinking pumpkin spice lattes all day err day ;)

Rachel Emma
Daydream Frenzy

Anonymous said...

I love your striped dress! You look so beautiful.

Xo, Hannah