Wednesday, September 4

It just felt like a Wednesday today

I don't care that this dress might make me look shapeless. I don't care that I spent my day off job searching indoors. I don't care that after running up a mountain I hung out in my sports bra in the living room with the blinds accidentally open. I don't care that I was too lazy to wash my pan so I asked my friend if she wanted to have dinner with me/let me use her pan to make a grilled cheese. I don't care that my life has revolved around Orange is the New Black for a week. I don't care that the only thing I seem to read right now is James Patterson and the Women's Murder Club. I don't care that I like mugs more than cups so I only buy mugs and drink my apple juice from them. I don't care that my coffee maker will be brought to me in three weekends- I want a Keirug now! I don't care that in these pictures I've forgotten all personal style documenting etiquette completely.

I DO care about the state of my bedroom and to my absolute pleasure, guess who took the Target plunge? I gave in, I just gave in. And I won't feel any shame because I emailed a solid dozen people about dressers that were only okay and too much money. I mean, the dresser I purchased with a 30% off coupon on top of the 20% off home sale makes me feel no shame at all. I just couldn't live off my floor anymore. And I care about the fact that if I don't stop procrastinating on my literature reading this second, I will do poorly (again) on my four problem quiz tomorrow. Which doesn't sound hard but let me tell YOU, four specific multiple choice questions from fifty pages of reading requires some in depth reading to do well. Also, I do kind of care about the fact that I ran up a mountain and it about killed me. I'm serious. A deer watched me keel over in the grass afterwards. I probably need to get in better shape and run mountains more. Hear that, mom?

Also- I was serious about this return to blogging. I'm back! And, uh, hopefully I come around again and quit making faces like these. 
DSC_0146 double DSC_0148


kylee said...

gosh i'm going to miss you & your blog.

sydney said...

heart eyes emoji for this dress, sobbing emoji for running up mountains

veronika girlandcloset said...

I love the shape of that dress, it looks lovely on you and incredibly comfy! Comfort in fashion is my absolute favourite. AND, yay!!!!! SO happy to hear you're back to blogging. Adore your style and blog! Have missed it so much!!

By The Shore

Chloe, Wardrobe Quarry said...

You are looking too cute, love the mixes of blue.

Wardrobe Quarry

Shelby said...

yayaya! i'm so happy that you are back! your stinking blog makes my day ALWAYS! and what problems were you talking about with the dress? because i LOVE it, and you look gorgeous as always.

Kaili Clark said...

Hey ahhhh I met you on tumblr haha. And I go to the same college as you. Not to be like creepy or anything. I can't remember how I stumbled across your blog, but I did a while back and you are so cute it's not even funny. :)

Emma Jane said...

Shapeless? Nope. Looking ADORABLE in that dress. That necklace? Those glasses? You stop that right now. You look amazing. Also your hair looks great. I love this list. I love this blog. I love love.

Tightrope to the Sun

St├ęphanie said...

ove love the outfit love the color it fit you realy well :)