Wednesday, September 18

bikes and dates

On the list of things I never thought could be used to describe me are two things I have seemingly become this week. These things include (a) being a biker (b) being a dater.


No, I can't say anything more. But I sort of have a few quasi-dates that actually barely count as dates this week and if I talk about it anymore I will back out right now by sheer force of anticipation and pressure. (Spoiler alert: I don't think I'm going to be a good dater.)

I will say that becoming a biker this week has solved so many problems. In the area of appearances, in particular, makeup is suddenly irrelevant. Put it on in the morning before my 2.5 mile bike ride and by the time I walk up the two flights of stairs to Spanish after my ride, it's like a just got out of the shower with a freshly washed face. Except, those aren't beats of water. In the area of being a newly reformed frugal college student, there is no need to spend money on gas! You mean not spend forty dollars every 17 days on gas!? By golly, I can't imagine anything better. In a month, that's like a month of groceries!

This week, my friend wanted someone to go with her to do her field research homework assignment. She was like, "There's a cool abandoned homestead with old barns and you have to have a code to get through the gate and I have it!" Sold. So naturally we brought a puppy and I explored some really neat abandoned barns. I actually remembered to bring both my battery charger AND SD card, too, so I could prove I was there.

Wish me luck! That I.... don't flip upside down on my handlebars. Or hit another curb and fall over sideways on bike. Or jam my gears again. And, wish me luck... on those other.... things....

Lastly I feel like I should mention this is the exact spot where Kate Bosworth got married last weekend. You heard it from me first.
DSC_0048 double2 DSC_0070 DSC_0073 Untitled-1 DSC_0006 outfit: shop ruche // dress urban outfitters // shoes


Shawnee said...

happy dating wishes! and that place?! kate bosworth?! what! i love her.

St├ęphanie R said...

hey !!!

i love you blog !!!

i was wondering if you would follow each other on GFC??

becca said...

gosh I love love love that pretty printed dress! and I think it's just so exciting to have a puppy and take pictures at the exact spot where kate bosworth was married. really? so crazy.

and yay for the dating thing! are you so nervous? I think God spared me from first dates because no one could take the awkwardness. you're going to be great though, I know it. just wear your fun outfits and say whatever you're thinking, and it will be perfect.

Abbey said...

oooh such a cute pup! beeeeeautiful pictures & girl. :)

Dillon said...

Frisbee? Date? What?

The lighting in those pictures is gorgeous though. I bet it was a beautiful location.

My name is Lydia said...

oh. ya. that's what i look like when i explore old barns, too. perfectly sheek!

kylee said...

you are the cutest person i know. STOP MAKING ME MISS YOU ALREADY!!! also, bike pictures!!! i neeeeeed. and hi, the lighting in these photos is perfect. i'm moving to live with you when i get home from my mission and you're going to teach me everything you know and then we're going to start our photography business.

Shelby said...

that dress!! it is so wonderful. and this is seriously the greatest. i myself am a HORRIBLE dater. like i can't do it. boys, just leave me alone, and let me watch New Girl in peace! except don't, because i like boys, and they can be fun. ugh!!! problems of being a single, independent, woman. hahahaha just kidding. but yeah, good luck lady! although you don't need it. these boys are lucky to get to meet dating you!

Kaili at impeccablykaili said...

you are so cute and you need to stahp. haha. I absolutely love your outfit, Maggie. And I'm in love with the lighting on those pictures.
I heard that Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak were in Montana near Missoula for a wedding too in the last couple weeks and Mindy did the bride's makeup. I'm going to feel dumb if it's the same one hahaha.

Emma Jane said...

PUPPPYYYYY. I can't wait to hear about those... other.... things... I had a thing of that sort last night.


Date.... blargh.

It went well but I always feel completely clothed in awkward always and forever. You'll be so great. So great.

Tightrope to the Sun

Aneirys Acevedo said...

The dog is so cute♥ Lovely dress!

Awkward Heart♥

Kaylie said...

Adorable! You and the puppy!

Happy biking and dating! I'm sure you will excel at both. :)