Monday, September 16

cheap entertainment

The thing about Seattle is that it's expensive. Sure, I could spend my whole life there and never get bored going to museums, zoos and aquariums, soccer games, and eating out every other meal but there's no denying that by the end of the summer my bank account was emptied almost entirely of its savings.

Worth it? Yes. Because of museums, eating out, zoos and aquariums, and soccer games. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to do everything I could in a city after never spending any time in a city. Plus, #yolo.

But the thing about Missoula is that it is CHEAP. My bank account feels full and happy. Entertainment is found by sitting on the steps of the City Hall building and watching squirrels get in wrestling matches. Entertainment is driving five minutes to your nearest conveniently located mountain and within 20 minutes gaining 1,000 feet of elevation. Entertainment is going to Walmart on a Sunday night that starts with dinner and a side of homework and a, "Hey does anyone need to go to Walmart? Cuz, like, I do. I need a bike lock."

Entertainment in Missoula is the people you find at Walmart on a Sunday night. Men older than my grandfather checking out the Sex and the City DVD collection wearing Tweety Bird pajama pants, a camo hat, and questionable facial hair. Ladies in stilettos asking the single Walmart employee where the lubricant is (I really could NOT make that up - I blame my friends for abandoning me and not being with me at that present moment to die over Neutrogena face wipes with me.) 

Entertainment in Missoula is your good friend Danielle saying for all to hear at 10:15pm in Walmart on a Sunday night, "Blistex is on sale! I'm buying some for my nose! Do you want me to grab you a stick?" 

Because for a week, you've both been sick and there is some serious skin damage to your tissue blowing counterparts. 


Emma Jane said...

Cutest post in the land.

Tightrope to the Sun

Shelby said...

hahaha!! i am dying. you seriously always have the best posts that always make my day. what would i do without you girl?!

Ebony said...

Love this. In Tassie there is a 24 hour kmart. I remember my friends once getting drunk, catching a taxi there - buying boogie boards and a copy of a video game they already had and then walking 3 blocks to the city park where they slept.