Tuesday, September 10

I bet in the 3 years I've blogged, I've talked about being sick every time I've been sick

Today I learned that English professors are a lot more afraid of germs than Biology ones. Today I remembered how much I hate having a cold and especially one in the summer- what freaking gives!? Today I took two quizzes, one of which I most certainly did not do well on because even though I took three years of Spanish in high school, four years later I couldn't remember how to conjugate an -ar verb. Today I was sick and complained about it a lot to my mom.

And then I had frozen yogurt and apple juice for dinner. And all was well again.

(And hopefully I myself am well tomorrow. I hate being forced to stay in bed. However, when not forced, I love staying in bed. Explain this to me, please.)


Abbey said...

Frozen yogurt for dinner will cure the darkest of sicknesses :)

Feel better!

Emma Jane said...

That whole loving being in bed when you shouldn't be in bed is my biggest downfall in life. There is nothing more discouraging than having to wake up in the morning. I'm always fine once I'm up and ready but leaving my bed is the worst part of my day. But yes, when I'm sick, I want to go out and do ALL THE THINGS. Stupid human irony.

Get well so soon!

Tightrope to the Sun

Mary said...

I'm sad that you were sick, but that last parenthetical was kind of hilarious.