Monday, July 15


I am only days away from turning t w e n t y o n e. This picture sums up my feelings about the matter pretty well, actually.

I spent my week sleeping in a tent in the mountains. Except, I sort of cheated big time this year because I used the internet every day by walking to the Lodge that was yards away from our campsite. Is it excusable because I had a sinus cold so the grand ten hour hikes my sister and parents went on were out of the question?

I have fleas. Seriously. I loved a cat too hard.

I used the bathroom at City Target twice today and walked out both times without buying anything. Public bathrooms in Downtown Seattle are a rarity, you know.

I've decided to just rename July as "Maggie's Birthday MONTH of Celebrations". At the moment, I've had one party and I have a minimum of three to go.

I have more to say later when I'm back from vacation (mentally). Mentally, I'm still in the mountains with my family. Give me a few days. Also, I've relapsed and I'm still sick.


Jamie Rose said...

Wooooo! Turning 21 really is great. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I hope you start feeling better! It sounds like you had a great trip even though you were sick and got fleas.

And don't even get me started about city bathrooms. Why don't cities have more places to pee? For real. I just find whatever department stores are around. You can count on them!

kylee said...

i sort of wish tswift had a song about being 21 so you could rock out to it on your birthday. birthmonths are real in my family, screw birthDAYS. FEEL BETTER!!

Abbey said...

get better soon! amazing photo!

My name is Lydia said...

o.m.g. fleas are the worst! i totally feel for ya! just shove everything in the dryer - heat kills 'em like a charm!