Monday, July 1

because cats and sundays

This weekend I just sort of put away the camera. All weekend long. And I just had sort of a thoughtless weekend. No running around the city, no 12 hour long parking fees, no navigating, no "figuring out"- none of it. It was easy and so, so good. Part of my Seattle mentality has been to do everything I can possibly do when I'm not at work because it's Seattle after all and I want to take advantage of it as much as I can, but this weekend after just taking it easy I realized how silly I was for thinking I couldn't take advantage of my time here without going into the city. My go-go-go all the time lifestyle as its been can unpause every now and then and you know, the world won't end and I won't regret a day not adventuring in the city after all. I'm glad I figured that out. Because quite seriously, the Puget Sound is in my background and provided hours upon hours of pure bliss on Sunday.

(Little unknown secret I feel safe sharing now that I don't live alone and the family I'm staying with is back: I'm living on an island close to Seattle and commute into the city every day by ferry.)

SO! Because I left my camera in its place on my nightstand, a couple of uncategorized happenings in my life lately include: the Jim to my inner Pam/future Marshall environmental lawyer turned out to kind of sort be the opposite of grand (but all's well that ends well and by ends well I mean a milkshake and shrug because cats), writing things (real things! like, things that I like sort of like things! like, fiction and stories! and I'm not ashamed to admit that to the world!), making a brand spankin' new friend in Seattle after working with her at the event last week and ending our goodbye with, "Hey, so I don't have many friends, want to hang out sometime?!" and she said I seemed awesome so I skipped away like a happy clam, planning for two of my favorite people to visit me because while I so badly wish going to Austin to meet 20 of the best people I've ever met on the internet could have worked out with my work schedule and vacation time, instead two of my friends willingly spent money on plane tickets to hang out with me on my 21st birthday at the end of the month, and arrangements have been made so that I can go home for the long 4th weekend before I go on vacation with my family to our annual camping reunion.

Huzzah! All good things and only good things are happening in my neck of the woods. ALSO, HELLO JULY! July is kind of my fave. 


Abbey said...

July is my fav too. Birthday months win! Sounds like you are enjoying life, lovely lady. :)

shelbyisms said...

Dammit, Marshall.

Emma said...

gosh you're the best ever. do you know that?! feel free to come visit me and i'll introduce you to ALL my hot friends (there's something in the water up here, so pretty much all my guy friends are basically models. it's a a blessing)

Maggey you are such a wonderful soul, and thanks SO SO much for those kind words you left on my blog. they seriously make my life. you're so genuine and kind and awesome. Lets be friends forever okay?