Thursday, July 18

I just thought you should know

The flea situation is slightly in control. Except I found one in my bed once again and I'm washing my sheets for the third time in a week.

Every day could actually be your last. I won't expand on this but it was a traumatizing enough experience I thought I should mention that you just never know. Do your thing, guys. Seize the day! Don't cross a scary street in the woods without sprinting across it!

I've become obsessed with watching beauty videos on my 30 minute ferry ride every morning. Essiebutton is my favorite? I almost want to learn to apply makeup to my face and become a beauty blogger to share what I know until I realize I could never. Also, she met her boyfriend on the Internet and moved to England to be with him. That isn't related to anything beauty related except that they fell in love before they knew what the other looked like and that's beautiful to me. 

I only took three pictures of my vacation so I promise I'm not really holding out on a huge, "I went to Idaho and here are my vacation pictures!" post because I'm not. 

I bought myself a maxi dress for my birthday present to myself. You know a clothing item is a good purchase when you buy it, tell the employee you're going to go put it on in the changing room, and then do so and wear it to dinner.

Oh yeah, birthday shenanigans. Guess who has tickets to One Direction (big birthday present to myself) for next week and who has four awesome amazing friends coming to visit her to make the last awful week of her life insignificant?*

I include this picture below because a) cloudly overcast days in Seattle are my favorite and also I miss this coffee shop that I need to go back to b) this dress was taken over by a family of fleas and I'm pretty upset about it. 
*I'm sorry this blog post is so worthless, I just got sucked into the, "I haven't blogged in 4 days!" conundrum  It won't happen again.


kylee said...

any post you write, i adore.

Brissa said...

i'm sorry, worthless??? I loved this post. now you've got me paranoid about fleas and wanting to stalk beauty blogs.

Felicia said...

I'm sorry to hear about your flea infestation! Target has some products that could help. When I had fleas I bought a spray there and sprayed practically everything. Especially corners (anywhere they can nest). I also bought a "bomb" that requires you to leave for several hrs after you set it off but the spray was enough so I didn't end up using it. Good luck!

Mary said...

what kylee said. your seemingly trivial thoughts are actually more interesting than you think.

Erika said...

Essie is one of my favorite Youtube beauty gurus, too! And like her, I met my now husband online :) Moved here to America to be with him!

Adora Mehitabel said...


My name is Lydia said...

haha! glad i'm not the only one hopelessly addicted to makeup youtube videos.