Wednesday, July 3

to my 18 year old self

Please, please don't start a "fashion blog". You'll never be able to read through the archives of your blog in three years because of your abuse of pattern mixing and over-wearing of Forever21 because that's what your favorite fashion blogger wears therefore it must be cool will make you want to vomit. Also, really with the "Lifesize Paperdoll"?! You'll be stuck with it when you're still blogging three years later.

Hang on to that friend of yours named Margaret. She will still be there three years later, even from 6,000 miles away.

Don't cut your hair spontaneously at the salon by someone you've never been to- twice. Or get your bangs cut before high school graduation. 

You are allowed to be happy now. Right this very moment. You're allowed to not like your biology classes and you're allowed to NOT worry so much about the future. Because great things are in store and if anything, those dang biology classes have taught you to work hard and you will get where you need to go. Focus on happiness in your every day life for now.

Your mom is the most beautiful woman you know and you will someday be proud to have gotten her strength both physically and mentally.

Don't be afraid to let go of things even though it seems like because you've invested years of your life into them you have to work to make something that's only okay good. Don't settle for just good. Excellent is always an option and if you're having doubts, you're probably not on the right path.

Do blog about your boyfriend. You'll only be slightly embarrassed reading them down the road but you'll also be able to look back and remember things you would have otherwise forgotten completely. Your 21 year old self thanks you for documenting those things that are only sweet memories now.

Don't for a second think the friends you make your freshmen year of college are the ones you have to hang out with for the rest of your college years. Keep the friends that make you laugh but primarily, keep the ones that are ambitious and inspire you to be a better person. 

It isn't romantic to save someone or be saved by someone in a relationship. That doesn't make a relationship.

Buy spandex. Wear under dresses/skirts. So many peep shows in Urey Hall avoided.

Take advantage of every coffee you share with your mom, every movie you watch with your sister, and every commute to work with your dad. Those moments will never be part of your normal day to day life again.

Yep, you'll definitely gain the Freshmen 15. In one semester. And you won't lose it until you move off campus and start running... for real. Going to the gym and running on an elliptical is NOT a work out. I repeat. The elliptical is not a workout.

The biggest mistakes you'll make will be directly related to not listening to yourself and what you want. Speak up and make yourself heard. Don't be so afraid of someone not liking you- several won't. You can't ever predict how what you say or what you do will affect the actions of people around you so it's important that you are honest in the moment when the opportunity is present.

Life is more than twee floral dresses and wanting to marry the first person you like. Like, duh, right? But that's okay. You DO figure it out. It's almost cute now.
the most accurate picture of my 18 year old self that there is.


Elanor said...

wow, i'm going to have fun doing this eventually.... haha all these things are toooo accurate!

Violet said...

This was such a sweet post! (Also, just found your blog and really like it! :) )

Jennifer said...

This was such a cute read.

I definitely want to do this now.

Emma Jane said...

Oh I love this! I cannot wait to do this on my own blog. 18 year old you is adorable, and sounds a lot like me. Oh youth, what a weird time that was for all of us!

Em @Tightrope to the Sun

Lizzie said...

I was thinking I should do something similar...except then I remembered I am still only 18! I feel ancient.

Mary said...


Natalie said...

Ah, I love this so much. I'm sure I'll look back on my 18 year old self as completely clueless in the future. I mean, I already do.

The spandex under dresses & skirts thing. So great.

Hannah said...

This all sounds about right! It's funny the things we realize as we get older. But thank God we realized them before we get too old! lol

kylee said...

hahahaah blog names stick even if you don't want to. i've tried to get rid of little girl in a big world but it doesn't seem to work. i am forever little girl in a big world and you are forever lifesize paperdoll. which is why on my sidebar i made my name bigger than my blog title. i learned that salon lesson too. stick to the usual salon with the usual hair stylist, those others guys ruin everything. spandex!! when i was in dance company in high school we ordered a bunch for everyone & i have used them under dresses ever since. best invention everrrrr. i love this post by the way.

Brissa said...

listen here, i love you. and this post. and now i want to stalk your entire blog life.