Monday, July 8

a couple things I'm thankful for

I am thankful for roommates that stick with you for three going on four years. Ones that take you with them to visit their aunt and uncle in Hawaii for Spring Break but more than that visit you in Seattle for three whole days and say yes to adventures that involve driving through a city for the first time to meet teen pop singers. Also, roommates that like cats.

I am thankful for blankets. Blankets are my ultimate source of comfort and even in the summer I'm usually wrapped up in one in the middle of the day.

I am thankful for cats. Especially orange ones named Cinnamon that like you within five seconds and becomes your roommate side kick subject to conversations while making dinner and cuddling.

I am thankful for donut muffins which have to be one of the best creations in pastry making history.

I am thankful for coffee shops and baristas because both feel like friends in a new place.

I am thankful for journals that seem like they're made for me to fill.

I am thankful for mornings that include all of the above. 
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Jennifer said...

This was sweet. And now I want to try a donut muffin... mmmmm...

Abbey said...

cutest kitty!

Shawnee said...

DONUT MUFFINS? WHAT! dying. need to find one asap.

kylee said...

twins, all the time. i do the blanket thing too, even in the summer, even in the middle of the day.
doughnut muffins =

Emma Jane said...

This is the most perfect post. All of these things are the best, especially the blankets. I love nothing more than being under blankets. It's 4pm right now, about 95 degrees outside and I am sitting in my bed with a huge blanket around me. Day well spent. :)

Em @Tightrope to the Sun

Satin and Souffles said...

I love this post! & your cat xx