Saturday, July 13

a post from shelby

so shelby is more or less one of my favorite people
and i asked her to guest post on my blog because i am so very busy and 
semi internet-less
on the beach getting burnt and eating smores. 
THANKS, shelby!
that is a command.

There’s this weird phenomenon where people who are young and in love are somehow supposed to publicly acknowledge that we know it might not work out and that if it doesn’t, you know, whatever, life. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard “oh, you’re so young!” or “you don’t even know yourself until you’re thirty!” after hearing that I’m engaged, and I don’t disagree. I hope that I’ll be constantly growing for the rest of my life. I’ll just have Sam by my side.

There’s also this weird need for people to tell me that I need to date a wider variety of people before I “pick” one. I suppose this means that I’m supposed to go to clubs or bars and try to “find” someone. I went to college away from Sam. I had opportunities to meet more interesting and more desirable people, but I didn’t find any. Admittedly, I wasn’t looking, but I wasn’t looking for Sam, either. He just kind of happened. I found a good one at a young age and I’d like to keep him. Why wade through the creepers, cheaters, and generally boring individuals in pursuit of finding something only half as interesting and perfect for me than Sam? I have absolutely zero interest in dating around, and anyone that has ever married someone for love can absolutely attest to that fact. I like to joke that if Ryan Gosling was at my door, I’d still choose Sammy every time. And I would. 
You know how you have those moments where everything feels right and you’re right where you’re supposed to be? That’s how I feel with Sam. When he unexpectedly showed up at OSU after driving for three hours because I’d had a bad day and he wanted to cheer me up – that was one of those moments. When he asked me to marry him, after we had been baking scones after a really bad day and I knocked over a bowl of water that splashed all over the floor, only to turn around when I heard a chuckle to see him on one knee with an earnest look on his face – that was one of those moments. When we split grilled cheese sandwiches on his floor, or when I wake up to him giggling like a schoolboy as he parts my hair down the middle, or when I always, always forget to hang up my towels after I get out of the shower and he hangs them up for me with minimal complaint – those are those moments.
EATON-IMAGE3About a month ago, we adopted a puppy. In exactly eleven days, Sammy and I will be signing the lease on our first apartment. In about a year, we’ll be getting married. After almost three years of living in different states and going to different colleges, we’ll finally be together. Hopefully, in about ten years, we’ll be having babies that look like the triplets from Brave. I know that we’re young, but we’re also happy. Why wait?


Jennifer said...

I loved this. I'm 22 and engaged and I can definitely agree that I have the sad, lonely friends who are envious, and then the people (some my age, a lot much older) who think I'm rushing into something. I've been with Trey for almost three years and hopefully by January (I say hopefully because I have to graduate college in December) we'll be married. And I love him. That's all that matters.

Kaylie said...

This is so beautiful and made me tear up! You two are such a great couple.

Natalie said...

Shelby and Sam. OTP.

Seriously though. I'm so excited for your wedding. There will be tears.

Lauren said...

What a beautiful post! This just made me so happy reading it.