Friday, July 5


There's a reason why I love my hometown. It's not because of the rolling hills or hanging out with my sister, though. No way.

I don't really know when my sister became so much cooler than me and surpassed me in her wit, likability, and way of negotiating really late curfews with my parents, but she did all of that and more. She got a better scholarship to go to a better college than I will graduate from, she managed to pick better friends than the ones I did in High School (and will probably pick better ones as a freshmen than I did), she watches way better movies and has better taste in music than I do, she has illustrated a childrens' book, and she did all of these things so dang effortlessly. I would be jealous but if there's any single person that I want to see succeed and be happy, it's her. And the fact that she does everything without making the mistakes that I made makes me happy, too.

This next week we will have our last family vacation before she goes off to college making my parents empty nesters. We're proud of her. But we sort of miss her already.
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Nataly said...

my goodness, this is exactly how I feel about my sister! I'd like to think I kind of influenced her ;) hehe that is so incredibly awesome that she illustrated a children's book! that's one of my dreams! so so cool! also: Idaho looks beauuuuuutiful.

Natalie said...

SOPHIE! I'm so excited for her future college life. Can she make a blog please. And ah! Your family vacation! I remember reading about it last year.

▲my• said...

Aww! Congrats to her! There's nothing better than feeling proud of your younger sibling. I am so super proud of my little brother I can't tell you.

kylee said...

your home is unreal. SO BEAUTIFUL!

Jennifer said...

That is gorgeous. And you two are gorgeous. I can't believe you lived there. I want to visit.