Wednesday, July 10

The story of three sets of sisters

It goes a little like this:

One day, I decided to coach my sister's soccer team in a small soccer tournament. We were the Tyrannosaurus Rex's and we would have won the tournament if not for one goal in the last minute of the championship. There was one tall blonde girl I distinctly remember being a little bit more awesome than the rest and her name was Danielle, who played soccer with my sister. Well, over the next couple of soccer seasons they continued to play together and Danielle remained awesome greeting me enthusiastically with the biggest smile on her face like I was Taylor Swift or something. Fast forward. Sitting on the sidelines of one of their games, I started talking to another blonde cheerful wide smiled lady watching the soccer game. We talked for the entire duration of the game about clothes and boys and boy bands and it was magical. Low and behold, it was Danielle's sister, Jacqueline, that I was talking to. That day, Danielle drove home with us and we bonded over the fact that I bonded with her sister and we were basically immediate best friends. And would be for the next few years during which time her family would become like another family to me that took me in during my lunch breaks at WSU. 

Well, little did I know, Danielle had a best friend who was also blonde and tall and cheerful. I'm pretty surprised we didn't meet earlier, actually. She showed up at my house one day with a Danielle and Jacqueline and took our pictures. I distinctly remember her complimenting my hair within 0.89 seconds of meeting me and that was all it really took. Friendship with Katy formed! From then on it was me, my sister, Danielle, Danielle's sister Jacqueline, and Katy. 

Fast forward another year or so: Katy posts the most beautiful picture of herself on Facebook wearing the most beautiful prom dress I have ever seen in my life (seriously, it is my favorite prom dress I have ever seen on anyone ever). Well, I notice yet ANOTHER blonde and tall and smiley girl in a picture with her. Scrolling over this other girl's face, I see that she has the same last name as Katy and voila! I knew of Debbie's existence. However, it wouldn't be until this spring that I would discover she has a blog and is the most hilarious person in the world. Seriously. I developed a girl crush VERY quickly and one day Katy sent me a picture of her and Debbie together. I'm not really sure how but it was probably through some sort of creepy stalkerish text that she sent me her phone number. BAM! Texting friends/soulmates. 

Finally, we all got to be in one place. Three sets of sisters, all friends. All pretty loud. All chatty. All awesome.


kylee said...

that picture is so great.

Rachel said...

So many happy people! You're lucky to have so many lovely smiley friends. I wish I was closer to my sister, but our ages are too far apart.
love your blog :)

Jennifer said...

Aw, i love this :)

shelbyisms said...

I love this!

Natalie said...

Ah, that's so fantastic. I have no idea what it would be like to have a sister [only child whoop whoop] but I'm pretty sure it sounds fairly great, especially when scenarios like this arise. SO MUCH BLONDE.