Tuesday, July 10

happyness is a pattern

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I think you guys all know me well enough after my two and then some years of blogging that I'm a pretty happy person. I have my moments, sure, and I do surely blog about my bad days, but for the most part I like to preach that you make your own happiness and the little things are really what matter in the end; making every single day count, being happy despite the things that bring you down, and every cliche "happy" quote to date. But lately, I can't help but feel like being alone has reinforced that idea even more in my head. I love waking up in the morning knowing it's only me that decides if I'm going to have a positive attitude that day and I love relying on myself to be that happy person I am. I love knowing that right now, everything and anything goes. I can say exactly what I want to say and for the first time in months and months, I'm not worrying about how it'll come across or what kind of reaction it will garner. I think out of the past couple of months, the best thing to come from it has been complete open honesty, with myself and with my relationships. It's the best.

I woke up this morning truly and genuinely happy. I wasn't worrying, as I have a huge knack for doing, or pondering about the future. Sometimes, I think I get too sucked into overanalyzing everything instead of just letting things happen as they happen; letting time do its thing. I preach living for the moment but it's also the thing I struggle with the most. I think I've decided recently that if things do pan out with my relationship and they work themselves out, I need to do it because I'm thinking of what will make me happy right now instead of thinking about what it will mean for later. Obviously I'm a person that commits to things that matter to me and that I'm serious about, but there is only so much I can control and actually do. I can't decide what will happen in six months or even in one month. You can't plan for that.

I live for coffee in the morning, reading my kindle every night before I go to sleep, watching an episode of whatever tv series we are on with my sister, driving to work every day between the hills, painting my nails, taking pictures of people I love, random visits from my dad during the day while I'm washing dishes, listening to my favorite songs heard on the radio, milkshakes at Sharis, laughing whole-heartedly, writing something that just seems to make sense, checking the mail, long drives with my best friend, genuine people, finding a bargain, real conversations, silly conversations, good conversations, doing something I've never done before, traveling whether it be to a town five miles away or a thousand, and finding something that inspires me to do, and be, better. Small things. I've heard that if you force yourself to laugh, you'll be happier, because eventually even a forced laugh becomes real. It's a pattern.
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I'm wearing
blazer & dress- Ruche
belt- Francessca's Collections
shoes- Urban Outfitters


Linda said...

I so needed to read this today. You're a wise one for a youngin' ;)
You are so very right - you can't plan. We humans seem to think we can somehow get everything figured out and plan our days ahead and then BAM - something happens... you know, that thing called "Life."

I'm struggling right now and many people wouldn't understand it because it was "just a cat" to them, and maybe they don't get it, but my family is grieving greatly over the loss of our dear furry family member, who left us so suddenly over the weekend. We thought he'd be here with us for years still. We always think we have years, when sometimes we only have moments.

Bless you for writing such a poignant piece. I love your blog and your photos. You're wonderful.

Kindest regards,
Linda, the Mom, in Central Illinois

Charlotte Crowley said...

I really admire your positive attitude. It's so inspiring. I can be a negative person but I'm trying to be more positive. I hope this post can help me!
Other things I admire? This dress. This outfit in general. You look amazing Maggie. And your hair looks perfect!

Charlotte x

kylee said...

your hair is looking goooooood. like real good. and this post was sort of exactly what i need right now. i need to choose happiness when it seems easier to avoid it.

Isabel, Wake up & smell the azahar said...

Your positive attitude is so inspiring & helpful. Love this post!

Jasmine said...

This post just shows how gorgeous you are INSIDE AND OUT! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I love the whole idea of happiness being a pattern. You are a genius Maggie!

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

you're beautiful. and your hair. gosh. i want your bangs so hardcore.

i'm so happy you're finding positivity in all of this. it's fabulous. i love all the things you love and i can't wait to one day meet in real life.

Tilly said...

Ohh these pictures are dreamy! That scenery O_O! Tis making me most envious >_<

Your positive mindset is lovely <3 <3 (although how could you not crack a smile with all those wonderful views at your doorstep!) I love the feeling of being utterley and inexplicably content xxx

Elliespeaks said...

Your photos are gorgeous and MAKE ME HAPPY YAY! I know what you mean about worrying, I worry all the time but recently I've realised how I'm waking up and NOT worrying which feels INCREDIBLE. It feels like peace and constant happiness. It's the small things isn't it.

Girl and Closet said...

Aw, thanks so much for your sweet comment Maggie!! You're a doll... as for doing a hair tutorial?! I don't really do anything fancy. I just use a good old curling iron. ;) And my goodness, how I adore these photos, you look absolutely radiant + I adore everything about this outfit!! And yes, the small things absolutely lead to big happiness!! xo V

Tonya said...

I just got teary eyed from this post <3 I can't even explain how inspiring this is. Happiness truly comes from within ourselves and you've helped me realize that again :)

Jamie Rose said...

You're awesome and so is this post. Wise words and pretty pictures! You can't beat that. Your outfit is adorable too. I love that lace blazer you're wearing. I've been wanting one like that for a while after I passed one up about a year ago. It looks so pretty over your floral dress.