Sunday, July 8

gone fishing

...though, not literally. although, possibly. depending on whether the selection of books i downloaded onto my kindle (*cough* my brilliant little sister downloaded onto my kindle *cough*) are captivating enough to keep me on the beach for twelve straight hours every single one of the seven days we are camping. which is actually quite possible because that seems to happen... every single summer.

...somehow, i am more excited every single summer for our annual family reunion camping trip. i mean, what's better than fortysome family members piled into three campsites? public fights, beach takeovers, small babies running around, yearly traditions of going to the ER, food to serve eighty, and sunburns that everyone inevitably gets.

i have some awesome people lined up to guest post while i'm gone and i'm so excited to share two of my favorite bloggers with you all! the cool thing is that one of them i know in real life and one i might as well know in real life because we're bffls. for realz. and i was actually pretty productive last week and prepared three posts of my own to keep the good ol' blog updated. what a champ.
IMG_0301 IMG_0305
bring on the awkward family photos.


Jull Diaz said...

that pretty pictures!
have a beautiful family :)


Little Tree Vintage said...

love these shots!

Katherine McAdoo said...

aw! that's so nice that you have such a great family bond - that is definitely enviable. i hope you have a wonderful time!

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

Looks like fun! I unfortunately do not have a good time with my family at all. But it looks like you do :)

kylee said...

that second picture is a winner. alsoooo, if by some chance you find yourself in salt lake before i head to powell on the 22nd do give me a call. i would love to make this blog/text friendship a real life one!