Wednesday, July 18

back from vacation

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Our annual Redfish Lake trips are always interesting. This year included not one, but two emergency room visits; both later proven to be unnecessary because one toddler spit up the pills he swallowed and one aunt just slightly dehydrated. I ended up taking more pictures at the beginning of the vacation when the family member count was lower and while my dear little sister was still around. She left early upon being notified that she had a spot on the HS soccer team tournament team. It was the smartest idea I've ever had to bring rain boots camping because we had a solid two days of rain. So smart. Also, onesies are the best pajamas camping. You'll never get cold. I used my kindle for the first time ever on this trip and it's also the smartest tool to bring. There's nothing like an endless supply of books at your fingertips and not having to walk back and forth between camp to grab new books when you finish one. This trip I finished six books. My new swimsuit proved to be my favorite I've ever owned and buying two polka dotted tops to match my polka dotted bottoms was a brilliant choice, too. I pulled the birthday card (6 days!!) and managed to convince my parents to let us rent a tandem bike the first day we were there. We rode around the entire lake once we were able to figure out how to actually ride one (so difficult) but now I'm convinced that we need to invest in a family tandem bike. So. Much. Fun.

I'll never be able to accurately express just how much I love this lake and the memories we have there. What used to be just something we were dragged to as kids is now something I look forward to every single year. There isn't a more beautiful lake if you ask me and these pictures can't do the Sawtooth Mountains justice. You have to be there to understand their beauty. Redfish has allowed me to see my younger cousins grow up in front of my eyes; an experience that is truly invaluable. I've known the younger kids as newborns, toddlers, kindergarteners, and now 'big kids'. We used to be the little kids, but now we're the teenagers and young adults that chase the little ones around and carry them when their parents are busy cooking, walking the 200 yards to the bathroom, water skiing, and hiking. I'm not a parent, obviously, but I can't help but feel a little proud of each child as they grow into older kids knowing that I was even a small part of their life and who they're going to be. I look at my almost nine year old cousin now and can't believe that I taught him how to walk in just a week's time at Redfish and held him as a newborn baby his first trip.

I miss these mountains already.


Natalie said...

Your onsie pajamas are so cute, haha! Also, that second photo is absolutely gorgeous. That entire place looks amazing, and your trip looks like it was so much fun. I'm glad no one was seriously injured... and getting through six books is quite the accomplishment! One day I shall ride a tandem bike. It sounds like you have some fantastic memories at the lake and I wish my family did something like that every year.

The Braided Bandit said...

Oh I was so excited to read about your trip, especially with that onesie preview picture haha! I am loving your photography lately, the shot of the sailboat in the foggy water was my absolute favorite. I'm glad all family members are okay, & know that I am pretty sure when ANY family gathers, it is bound to be slightly insane. Your polka dot bikinis are SO cute!
Okay, done with the rant, glad you had good time even if it was rainy!
xo Hannah

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Maggie Shirley said...

LOVE all of these pictures!

lazy explorers said...

You are so so cute.
I really like your bathing suit!
It looks like it is the one from Modcloth, how is it holding up? I have read pretty mixed reviews so I don't know if I should buy one or not.

Nicole Testa said...

Oh my god, that onesie. You are my hero.

Linda said...

Awesome photos!!! :)

Mary said...

Your swimsuit combinations are divine. You're awesome.

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

that first photo. you are the best.
you make me wish my family went on giant camping trips.