Friday, July 20

developed *recent* obsessions

  • waking up early. THIS IS TRUE. i've been waking up between 6-7:30am every single morning but that's not the best part. the best part is that it's been done without an alarm and i just wake up when my brain decides to wake up (or when my mom decides to go running and walk through the house like a t-rex). 
  • watching Gilmore Girls every single morning before work. this is done by recording every episode on my DVR, starting after I've had my breakfast/shower/quiet reading time, and skipping through the commercials. 
  • nail polish. i wasn't a nail polish girl, but boy, am i ever now. the glitter and mint are my favorites and most used, but i somehow manage to convince myself every single time i'm in rite aid or walgreens that 'i just need one new color, it's only $8 and i haven't spent much money this summer...' even though i really don't have money to spend on expensive nail polish and i don't need a new color (but my birthday IS coming up and nail polish is about all that's on my list...).
  • this american life podcasts. i recently realized how unhealthy it was to sit and listen to music while dissecting invertebrates because it's way too much 'me' time and way too much time to think. i tend to think in circles and circles until i've twisted my brain into confusing knots. podcasts have fixed that.
  • tops. i realized the other day that i haven't bought a dress all summer except the ones i've thrifted. everything on my clothing wish-lists for back to school shopping are tops. i guess i'm in a 'separates' phase.
  • blind pilot. i've always 'loved' blind pilot, but my obsession is recent. it seems as though i can make every single song relate to life at the moment. 
  • portraiture. i'm completely infatuated with the feeling of taking pictures of someone i haven't taken pictures of before and figuring out their best angles and the most flattering light. it's a little bit like a puzzle and when i'm absorbed, i'm not thinking about anything else. it's a pretty addicting spell. i took engagements this week and the couple's friend tagged along. while regrouping, i looked over at her and just asked if i could take some shots of her. i told her to sit down in the grass and in one shot, i was completely enamored with her. i think i took my favorite portrait to date and i asked her if she'd want to go out another day for fun. some people just have that thing about them in front of a camera.


Abbey said...

I need some mint nail polish! :) I'm also in need of tops.. and I'll have to check out blind pilot!

Poppy Smith said...

ohhhhh american essie is packaged differently to english essie, that has excited me no end!!! I have had a bit of a nail polish obsession recently too- I've bought 15 this month... oops!
your obsession with taking portraits sounds like a good confidence booster for the other person, I'd love to have that done!
My current obessions (bar nail varnish!) are with foundation, ballet shoes and twitter (@poppy839 if you want to have a nosey)


Hannah said...

i've always thought it would be super fun to take portraits. even though i'm not really a photographer, just a wannabe. :)

that sparkly essie polish is too cute. i don't wear nail polish like ever but i still want some. :)

Elliespeaks said...

Oh Gilmore Girls. I miss them. I need to start watching them again. They're like a injection of positivity into anyones day!

Natalie said...

Waking up early is actually great. I started getting up at 8:00 for cross country cause it was just way too hot to get up at 10:00, and I feel so much more productive albeit a little more tired, haha. I've recently started turning into a big of a nail polish person too... every time I walk by the rack at Target I'm so tempted. I love how you describe taking a portrait of someone--it sounds like you really have so much passion for it.

DawnieP said...

I also love the Gilmore Girls, I adore it, I have all the dvds, tea, cupcakes, gilmore girls marathon. Cat Kirk is awesome, that is all.


Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

all of those polishes are so lovely! i love that silver! $8 is expensive to me.
i'm so glad you love this american life.

Beautifully Pure said...

Glad life is treating you well! I'm not much of a nail polish girl but I'm trying to get into it because otherwise I bite my nails. :-P

kylee said...

i always wish to be an early waker. i try to be, but then i get run-down and i end up staying out late again and before i know it, i'm back in my usual late to bed, late to rise routine. i want to come to idaho and paint nails, watch gilmore girls, take outfit pictures, write blog posts, read/discuss tfios, and have a jgl marathon with you.