Wednesday, July 25


What kind of camera do you use? i use a nikon d5000 and my favorite lens is my 50mm portrait lens.

How old are you? I am 20 years old and my birthday is July 24th.

Where are you from and where do you live? I'm from a teensy tiny town in Northern Idaho and go to college in Montana.

What do you study in college? I am double majoring in biology and creative writing at the University of Montana.

What are your favorite places to shop? Shop Ruche, Urban Outfitters, Modcloth, Lulus, and Goodwill.

What is your 'style'? My style never seems to fit in one category, but I tend to gravitate towards bright colors and patterns, overly feminine pieces with little details, and lots and lots of dresses. I wouldn't consider myself trendy nor particularly one to push the envelope. I'm pretty much your average girl on the street and love a good bargain.

Why do you blog and how did you start? I started blogging back in 2010 when I was feeling a little bit claustrophobic by the confines of high school. I felt like I needed my own niche where I could write and talk about what I wanted. Originally, it was a day to day way to document how I was feeling and what I was up to, which later evolved into documenting what I was wearing after I fell in love with fashion blogs. Now, it's a little bit of everything. Life, lists, personal writing, outfits, and tidbits about college!

What beauty products do you use? I'm terrible with makeup and only use store bought cheap eyeliner and mascara. My favorite shampoo is Herbal Essences (any and all!) and I don't use any products once I straighten/curl. 

How tall are you? 4'11"! 

Why are you so open about your personal life on your blog? I've gotten some slack for being so honest, but I've also gotten a lot of amazing emails from people when I'm completely honest about anything I'm going through who can relate. I started my blog for myself and years down the road, I don't want to see it ever become anyone else's blog aside from my own. I blog so that I can look back on my life and where I was at the time. Experiences are a crucial part of that. I'll always be honest and if it's something that's more difficult to articulate, such as a break-up or family circumstance, it might take me a while to be able to openly discuss it. But, I've pretty much accepted that everything big (and small!) that happens to me will be talked about and it will be talked about openly; much like my own personal diary but an edited version.

What are your favorite blogs? I love Little Girl in a Big World, Transient Withdrawal, Wearing It On My Sleeves, Little Chief Honeybee, The Moptop, and Paper Crown.

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kylee said...

a mention?! i feel so honored, truly though!