Monday, July 9

guest post from kylee

i don't think i could express in words just how much i adore kylee.
we live in completely different worlds, and yet we find ourselves
agreeing and sharing so many of the same values. and in so many ways,
kylee is like my soul-sister. she's an amazing writer and writes from her heart. 
her blog is REAL and she's so open and honest about everything. her lifestyle blog is 
why i started including more than just "outfit" posts. she's also a "feeler" and i love 
the fact that the fault in our stars meant as much to her as it did to me.
she's one of my closest friends, even though we live states apart. 
oh, and she pretty much wears the CUTEST clothes in the world. 
i didn't pay her for her compliments, either. she rocks her clothes more than
i do! i want her mint pants so badly and that skirt. and just all of it. <3

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i have maggie to thank for my rather random but entirely fun plunge into the world of outfit posts. it was an idea, an untouched, overly excused idea for so long. it was maggie's kind comments and words of encouragement that helped me get over my fears. i still feel awkward and i am definitely no pro (like maggie), but by golly i'm enjoying it. precisely why i keep up with it, the enjoyment. my blog is very real. i share the good, the bad, the funny, the sad, the pretty, and even the not-so pretty. my style is very real. it's not just something to wear, but rather something that defines who i am. i feel freedom and confidence in the outfits i choose. my style is not a trend or an attempt, it is me. i'm all about real style on a real blog. and so without further ado, here are a few of my favorite outfit posts from my blog (one of which hasn't even been shared over there yet so feel honored that you get to see it before any of my own readers do). 4 3


kylee said...

thanks for letting me post on your blog maggie! i seriously feel so honored right now.

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

Ummmm Kylee, I loooove all of your dresses but that second one. Yes. I want it.

Liesl said...

Kylee is too cute!!! I love all of her dresses and looks and she is so full of fun and energy! :)

You are right, Maggie, she really does where the cutest glad her blog brought me to your lovely blog too! :)

Jennifer said...

I love your last outfit, it is super cute! Loving the mint pants as well. I am all for the sentiment 'real style on a real blog', both yours and Maggie's capture that really well! :)

Beautifully Pure said...

Aw! I love the first two outfits! Seriously adorbs! <3