Monday, February 20

a very belated valentine's day post

I am one of those Valentine's lovers. In elementary school, it meant pulling out the crafty guns and going all out. I made most of my Valentine's and there was nothing I enjoyed more than decorating a box and opening it up after school on Valentine's day to read messages from my classmates. Granted, most of them were standard boxed Valentine's with simply a name written on the bottom from the classmate who threw it in there, but the ones that did have a note or had some extra craftsmanship won over my heart. I was also the kid in elementary school who always hoped to be that one girl in class that always seemed to get a red rose from a secret admirer. I was never that girl, but it was alright. I loved it anyways.

To me Valentine's day can go either way. You can love it. You can hate it. You can choose to make it all about your relationship status. But for me, it's always just been a day to celebrate other people. I'm a sucker for watching other people be made happy. It just puts me in a wonderful mood. And although none of the flowers at the desk downstairs were for me, I did like seeing the eyes that lit up. I liked seeing the eyes of my card swiping 11:00am buddy light up when I told him Happy Valentine's day at the cafeteria today.

Niklaas and I kicked it pretty cliche for us. We went to a matinee showing of The Vow, which I was slightly disappointed by but thought was a good story nonetheless, and then went to iHop. That wasn't planned but made the ever so cliche movie-and-dinner date "us" and fun. I have a separate blog post idea for that alone (overheard conversations at the dinner table are priceless). I had a soccer game immediately after in which I nearly puked but scored a goal in anyways like a bamf (haaaa, i make myself laugh) so we ended early, but it was a lovely day anyways.

I've been taking so many pictures of Niklaas lately. Be prepared. You are probably going to see a lot more of what he's wearing lately. I was talking to my roommate and fashionable bff about how much we adore his clothes lately and I can't help but agree. It's nice to know I'm not just biased! He really is just too cute, though. I swear, every time we're out in public together, girls stare at him. Granted, I'd probably do the same thing if I didn't know him. I guess I'll count myself lucky. But really, I love having a boyfriend that wears cardigans and button down gingham shirts and boat shoes and khaki skinny chinos. MMM.

I'm going to post pictures of his Valentine's Day present this week because it was too perfect for words! <3
tights- Modcloth
dress- Delias
shoes- Target
cardigan-  Jcrew borrowed from roommate
belt- the Gap


LoriLynn said...

Awwwww what a gorgeous outfit and I love your hair like this! Did you DIY those tights?! And I am so jealous that your bf likes to dress himself all stylish-my husband really could care less about what he wears-i kinda annoys me but he is who he is and I love him for that! Xo Lori

Kelli said...

Those tights are amazing! You look lovely, and so does he. I'm really looking forward to seeing your gift- i love being a fly on the wall.

Natalie said...

Pretty sure the two of you together make the most fashionable couple ever. :) I adore those tights! And his cardigan... I want it. Hahaha. It sounds like the two of you had a wonderful Valentine's day!

♥Abby said...

What a cute post :) I love Valentine's Day as well, and I hate when other people say they hate it just because they don't have a bf/gf.
My bf wouldn't go see The Vow. He hates chick flicks. But so do I. We watched Star Wars at his house.
LOVE the tights and your outfit!
And his fashion sense is pretty great! As long as he covers up that infection ;) Lololol.


lazy explorers said...

Awh! You two are so cute! Happy belated Valentine's Day to you!

Shawnee said...

you are adorable.:) so if your bf! xx

Wild Flower said...

You both look adorable! It must be nice to have a boyfriend with a similar style, I must say I would absolutely love it! hehe. I love the hearts on the back of the tights. I'm glad to here you had a good V day!


Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

Um HIIII. YOU'RE ADORABLE. AND I NEED YOUR BELT!!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I did the cliche dinner and a movie with Robert that day too. We watched The Vow, which yes disappointed me because I thought it'd be crazy sappy and stuff but I really did end up enjoying it :) You two are the cutest!<3 Let's email each other soon?

Jamie Rose said...

You look so festive and cute! I love those tights and your pretty red dress. Both of you look great!

Waseem said...

you two are so cute...I like the pictures.

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