Saturday, February 25

the other maggie

this is maggie. the other maggie. the one that i live with and share clothes with and stay up all night talking with and obsess about the oc with. she's also really pretty (and never believes it when i tell her so). we met on the 9th floor of aber hall where we both lived last year and i remember thinking, holy cow, i love her clothes. would she ever be friends with me? nahhh, she's way too cool looking to talk to me. but i did compliment her urban outfitters sweater and she complimented me back and we had an exchange of compliments for a while until she became friends with my roommate. and then we became friends. fast friends. we both realized we were obsessed with all the same things and had half of the same wardrobe (no, really). we both had the same camera. both had little sisters. both loved urban outfitters. we are both moderately short (me being more so) and we both have brown long hair so whenever we're out, it's really fun to confuse people. "wait, you're both maggies!? you're both maggie!" it's fun. i'm going home with her to minnesota in a couple weeks and i'm more excited than i can accurately describe. being a small town girl, going to a city and maggie's home is SO awesome. we're going to the mall of america, which is going to be incredible. A REAL MALL! i'm going to experience so many stores for the first time. it's crazy to look back on the first week of school freshmen year and realize i live with people i always wanted to be friends with and never thought i would. anyways, i like her a lot and this post is probably way overdue. she sometimes reads this blog, so tell her hello in the comments (and tell her how pretty she is, because she never believes a word i say).

oh and we're going to be friends forever.


Susanne said...

hello Maggie and Maggie! ^^

lazy explorers said...

Awh! You two are adorable! You should do an outfit post with both of you!