Sunday, February 5

a perfect weekend

a perfect weekend 
watching hulu on a friday night, sleeping in until 11:30am, spontaneous trips to the mall, 
starbucks, laughing at cute babies with a comb over, seeing a scary movie in theaters, wearing long johns into starbucks (for a second time), the forester's ball,  wearing
men's flannel, a roommate that will take 300+ pictures at a dance, being completely exhausted by the time sunday night arrives, being too busy to check facebook, being too busy living to blog, meeting parents to skii on sunday, a road trip with niklaas listening to tunes and being made fun of for loving jbeebs&sean kingston's mashup, "i'll have your babies!!!!!!", watching your roommate kiss (on the cheek) and take pictures of at least six different boys in one night, singing loudly in the car to taylor swift and having a boyfriend who will as well, looking snazzy together for "date night" and accidentally matching, finishing a disc of friends before bed, listening to ingrid michaelson and lana del ray's new albums, hot chocolate, dinner with my cousin, getting pity money from mom, recounting last night, being so tired on a sunday night you want to fall asleep by 9:30, a hot shower, zero to no homework, chap stick after being completely wind burnt, seeing ten deer on campus while walking home, a nice boyfriend that takes care of sick friends, a perfect grilled cheese, about a million new pictures to add to the "sophomore" album, and laughing randomly in the shower recalling various hilarious moments between nine fifteen and two in the morning from saturday night.

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