Friday, February 17

awesome things on friday

1. playing apples to apples in creative writing
2. getting coffee brought to you in class
3. waking up via 'sleep cycle' peacefully and not wanting to die by the 6:45
wake up alarm
4. a four day weekend in the horizon
5. buying new pencils
6. a broken phone resulting in using a ten year old Blackberry
7. the song 'after the storm' by mumford & sons
8. and the song 'the lucky one' by jess penner
9. my valentine's day present still sitting on my desk that makes me smile 
every time i see it
10. making modcloth 'love' lists
11. a perfect frizz free hair day
12. knowing you're going to spend your weekend writing in a coffee shop
13. surprise care packages from grandma
14. going to minnesota & mall of america in three weeks
(A REAL MALL!?!?!!??!?!!?! I CANT EVEN BELIEVE IT! this idaho girl is going to
go crazy!!!!)
15. taylor swift's new music video


kylee said...

apples to apples in creative writing?!?! that class just got ten times cooler. which i didn't think was possible, but apparently it was. sleep cycle app? convice me it's worth the purchase. taylor swift's dress in that safe & sound video is BEAUTIFUL! i want one for myself.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally loving Taylor Swift's new song (and her new do too!)

Megan said...

I have way to many modcloth love lists haha everything on that site is so pretty. I actually heard an interview with Taylor on the radio the other day and actually thought of you :-)

Jessica said...

I went on a mini road trip to the mall of america with a friend after I graduated from high school! It is totally crazy and overwhelming, but lots of fun!