Wednesday, February 22

he finally got her number

i love watching people fall in love.

which is probably why i'm obsessed with romantic comedies where the plots never change but you can still count on the fact that at the end two people are going to fall in love and you can pretend to think the rest of their relationship will be as fairytale-like as the way they got together (i.e. not like real life). i'm also obsessed with books, tv shows, and every adorable couple out there. i think this is probably why i also get really over excited when someone close to me, such as my roommates, spends any time at all talking to someone they "like". i get so excited. so excited. even if it's just a few text messages or a box of old keys delivered to a roommate's mail box by a boy, i envision a million different ways they could fall in love. and when their faces light up over it, that's the best thing to watch in the world. 

i love watching people be happy.

it's the most fun feeling in the world to watch. and in a way, knowing those people around me are happy makes me feel happy with them. when my roommate comes running into my room telling me that someone asked for her number, i can't help but get giddy and giggly and screamish with her. i feel it with her. 

it's just one of those things that never gets old. it can be done
a million different ways, or the same way, and still feel new when
it happens again. 

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