Thursday, February 16


there are nights that aren't meant for boyfriends or boys. the kind of nights where
listening to taylor swift in the car is absolutely necessary with your best friend.
getting 99 cent frosty's at wendys ( did i only just now find out how cheap those things
are!?) at midnight and realizing if you were still in high school, your parents never would have
let you out so late. granted, you wouldn't have not had class until noon the next day if you were still in high school, but still. finding two kids in high school parked at mansion heights with realllllllllly foggy windows, getting mildly lost on a dirt road leading to a creepy house with trespassing signs, taking the longest way home... those are the nights that aren't meant for anyone else other than your best
gal pal.


Kelli said...

I love those nights. Sounds perfect.

Shawnee said...

love them also, and i can't believe that i forgot about 99 cent frostys too! this weekend, i am now going to grab some with my best friend :) xx