Tuesday, February 21

an h e double hockey sticks kind of week

this week very well might be the end of me. no, but really. i haven't had a week like this since my freshmen semester of college. granted, i have no idea why i signed up for a workshop during the same week as my other midterms, but i got myself into it and i really wish i hadn't. 

on tuesday morning, i have two online statistics homework assignments due and a genetics assignment due at 8am.

on wednesday morning, my completed 20+ page creative writing short story is due and while i'm getting there, i still have a lot of fixing, perfecting, and editing to do.

on thursday, i have an organic chemistry lab report due, an organic chemistry pre-lab to do, and a statistics test at 6pm.

on friday, i have a genetics test at 8am, creative writing critique due, and an organic chemistry quiz.

literally, this may kill me. it looks like i'm going to have some late nights this week. and yes, my blog will probably suffer (but that's really the least of my concerns).

three papers, two tests, three homework assignments, and a short story all in one week? is it possible? is it? is it?


Abbey said...

It is! But, it's going to suck.. hah- just imagine the weekend!

Shawnee said...

oh my, oh my. hang in there! you will feel amazing after:) you can do it! xx

The Flightless Darling said...

A breath of fresh air for you my dear, you seem to definitely need it this week. I'll keep my fingers-crossed for you!!

Ps. Won't you stop by and check out my blog??

kylee said...

i have no room to complain about my week now. good luck with everything!