Thursday, February 9

it's thursday

it's thursday, which means tomorrow is friday, the worst day of the week.
ochem test, class until 5pm starting at 8am, and watching everyone else get done at noon. meh.

it might be my second night in a row eating pizza.

but, you know, tonight it's "dorm" pizza, so that doesn't really count, does it?

it was supposed to be '500 reader week' last week, but it's turning into 
500 reader two weeks (i have bits more coming!)

i really can't figure out why none of my pictures on flickr seem
to want to show up on the blog as pictures and instead show up as a jumble of letters and numbers.

niklaas and i were told we had "nice sweaters" on yesterday by a random stranger.

this week i've been lazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy
(yes, emphasis on the zzzz illustrating that i've been sleeping too much).

i'm so bored of winter.
hurrrry up spring!

lauren moffat is my favorite designer and person. i want her life. and her child....

my days are truly made when my favorite bloggers post.

i like and i absolutely loathe statistics. 

john green is the greatest person that ever lived
and i don't know if niklaas and my relationship can continue until he reads TFIOS
(my bible).


Abbey said...

Ahh I've just bought two of John Green's other books!! I'm looking forward to reading them... after all my tests are over..

Brittanyisabird said...

I second that notion that John Green is the greatest person ever. Do you have a signed copy of TFiOS?

kylee said...

"nice sweaters" now that is a good compliment. for reals though. amen to stats. oh gosh i was originally going into nursing so i took a nursing stats class. it was impossible to pass. the teacher did not speak english [okay so that's an exaggeration - he did speak it but not well, not well at all] so the class became too overbearing and overly confusing for me. i had to re-take it. i ended up taking it from a joke of a teacher who i swear did everything differently. i passed though. hooray! then i switched majors. why they think every major has to have it's own stats class is beyond me. it's the exact same stuff only different word problems. idiots. so i had to take stats again. it was death. soooo hard but you know what? i passed and walked away from that class knowing i would never ever change my major again for fear of taking another stats class. that and i love my current major. good luck on your chemistry test!

Kelli said...

I suddenly have the biggest urge for pizza and i totally blame you!

Kelli said...

I suddenly have the biggest urge for pizza and i totally blame you!