Wednesday, January 25

unexpectedly happy things

before i went back to school, i had lunch with a friend who reads my blog
and she told me she liked reading my lists.
i have nothing else to post today and i never really thought my "lists"
were much of anything, but they are fun to write and now i know
i have at least one fan!

things that make me unexpectedly happy:
-being forced to wake up at 6:55am on Mondays, Wednesdays,
and Fridays. followed by 3 hours of classes. it means i finish my day by 11am
and i feel more productive in the morning. score
- cleaning my dorm room
- the dorm cafeteria. i missed their chocolate milk.
- trying new food. potatoes yesterday. apple pie sometime
this week.
- living without a tv again. hulu is truly my best friend
- being back at school. this means living in close proximity to niklaas
and spontaneous breakfast dates are a thing of the present. also, being snowed in?
a thing of the past. yayay!
- having three roommates once again.
- solid tights. usually i'm a print gal. i'm kind of loving the solids lately, though.
mustard yellow, red, white.


Natalie said...

Wait, that is actually amazing! Having all of your classes over with by 11 AM? LUCKY. I hope I can some how get my college schedule to be like that.

Spontaneous breakfast dates. That sounds so lovely. :) And that's so great that you get along well enough with your roommates to put them on you happiness list, haha! I bet there are plenty of people with crappy roommates that are super jealous.

kylee said...

at first when i read that you actually like being forced to be up at 6:55 am i wanted to shoot you for saying such a thing. then i read on and realized i was actually in total agreement with you. today i forced, truly forced, myself out of bed and into the car for an 8:30 am class. and then before i knew it i was back home making a late breakfast and being productive all before noon! but then i got back in bed and blog stalked so the plan towards productivity failed me a bit. cleaning my room makes me happy too. the whole starting thing is awful, but once you finish it's like you can finally breathe again. hold up, do you mean to tell me you have never tried apple pie before?! get out of here. and once again i have gotten carried away with my forever long comments. forgive me.

Katie said...

What a great list! Breakfast dates sound lovely. <3 I kinda can't wait till I have a BF to do fun stuff like that with. :)

Kirstin Marie said...

I'm a HUGE fan of solid color tights. I'm trying to work more colors in though, lately.

Amber said...

you just had potatoes for the first time?! Oh my you have been missing out. :)