Sunday, January 1


hi 2012!
i'm so happy you're here, even if you don't feel very different or special yet.

in 2012 i'm going to:
- get my fearless groove back
- laugh more
- speak up (two tswift album names in a row, har dee har har!)
- run constantly 
- listen to music more frequently
- learn to sew
- read for 30 minutes a day, at least
- look forward, dwell less on past mistakes
- go on crazy adventures
---get a job in missoula---
- coach a soccer team
- write more
- take more pictures
- blog more consistently
- be happy


Nicole, Coco Maria said...

I love this list. Here's to accomplishing goals! Happy new year, lady :)


to being happy!
great list maggie!

♥Abby said...

Good luck on your resolutions! And I loved your recap, it was great :)


Jordie said...

This list is great, I think I need to do some of these too lol x