Monday, January 2


Hello, 2012! I'm starting the year off with a brand new... outfit post! Looking back over my 2011 posts for my recap, I realized a lot of things. Even though I ventured off of the outfit blogging while things got busy, I found that some of my favorite posts are my outfit posts. Some of my favorite memories happen when Niklaas and I are taking pictures and I love reading the bits and pieces of our adventures in those blog posts. I hope that I can get myself organized and productive enough this spring semester to continue outfit posting in addition to the more life related posts you guys have seen a lot of lately!
My break has been pretty off the walls busy lately. Immediately after finishing my finals, I flew to Boise with my cousin and grandpa to meet up with my mom. We stayed there for a few days and I got to spend a few hours with my aunt being interrogated about my personal life and being told what a "keeper" Niklaas is. Ha. I babysat my delightfully adorable and energetic cousins for a full day and by the end of it, I was not so convinced that I wanted 16 kids anymore. Two was difficult enough. And that diaper change? Repulsive. My mom and I flew home after a few days where I got to finally come home. I spent that time cleaning, eating food that was not dorm food and loving every bite, and getting a few blissful dates in with the friendboy. It's been pretty surreal to realize coming home and being back in Idaho together that we're really a "college couple". A long term one. Visiting our old places was a little strange but exciting nonetheless.
I remember seeing this dress on urban Outfitters a couple summers ago and absolutely loving it. Bows?? Sleeves? A conservative neckline?? Too perfect for words. However, I didn't pounce on it when I should have and it didn't take but a few days for it to disappear from my shopping cart. Well, Tieka updated her shop a few weeks back and on the very last page I saw that she was selling hers for a mere $10. I squealed! It was a Christmas gift to myself. It is ridiculously short to the point of everyone I know commenting on its lack of fabric, but it's comfortable and mildly acceptable with tights. Tieka wore it in the summer but I couldn't wait to wear it, so I gave it my "winter" spin with a scarf, tights, messy bun, and favorite hipster glasses! (I kind of want a pair just like these in a tortoise color).
Guess what?! I have two more blog posts scheduled for this week and I fully intend on commenting on some blogs this week as well. Lifesize Paperdoll is back in business. Huzzah!
don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine and life makes love look hard.
Dress- Urban Outfitters
Scarf- American Eagle
Tights- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Urban Outfitters


then she'll carelessly cut you said...

Ahh, you and Niklaas look very lovely together!
And you can never have enough bows,

Rosie x

Bad Taste Toast said...

AAww cute photos and an adorable outfit! I love the dress and glasses on you!

Happy new year!

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

I love love love love love this post! While I have loved your lifestyle posts, I've really missed these posts too :) So once I lose a bit more weight, I'm so borrowing this dress from you! It's freaking adorable! Though if it's short on you it'll be scandalous on me (though I don't think I'm even that much taller than you hehe).

Looooooove youuuuuuuuuu<3

Natalie said...

Happy new year! Ah, that dress is so cute. I love the color, and the bows of course, and that scarf looks super comfy too. That's awesome that you scored it for only 10 bucks! It sounds like you had a super busy winter break, but a good one nonetheless. :)

You two. Are just. So cute. Ugh. It pains me.

Kirstin Marie said...

You look so pretty!! I love that dress, and it looks amazing with those tights. That last photo is adorable.

Hannah said...

Look at you being all fancy and posting an outfit! Once again, you look adorable. It's so cool that you bought this dress from Tieka, yet it totally matches you and your style!

Well I'm glad your break was busy - that's better than the alternative of being incredibly bored. You do sound like you put in a full schedule! I hope you are/were able to have one day to yourself.

I know a few years ago I bought a pair of tortoise shell glasses from Claire's (for a whole dollar). I don't have a clue if they still sell them though. Might be worth a look!

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

Aw Mags, you look so lovely here. I think it's so sweet that Niklaas takes photos for you. I kind of want a boyfriend for that alone. :p

elliespeaks said...

YES YES YES! Oh I need to get my blog back in business. But my camera is being LAAAAAME.

I love the dress. It looks awesome. So glad you're back in action!

Little Tree Vintage said...

cute dress! i wish we had snow right now :)

♥Abby said...

Love this post! As much as I love reading and looking at pictures of your personal life, I've missed your outfit posts.
This dress is TOO cute, and what an awesome price for it!
Glad your break was great. Good luck on this semester of college! :)


Nina Gonzalez said...

lovely fotos, especially the ones of you + yours! :) happy new year, may it be full of lots of love, laughter and health! xo-

Jordie said...

That dress is adorable! Love the whole outfit :) x

Jen said...

That dress is perfect on you. PERFECT. I never know how you manage to be so consistently adorable. Oh, and Niklaas as well. Cutest couple? My break has been crazy busy as well but a break is a break, yeah? :)

Sarah said...

I love the print of your dress, and your tights are so pretty. Your blog looks really cute too :)! I know how you feel with regards to children, my cousin was changing his daughter's nappy, just looking at it was enough to put me off children. xo

SABINNA and DAVID said...

very cute prints!

xx, Sabinna and David

Rachael // The Paraders Vintage said...

Oh, your tights!! I would love those in deep purple. :)


Rachel said...

Oh my, you must be terribly cold! You look adorable though; your mustard wedges are lovely, and the setting you're in is beautiful.

Thank you for your lovely comment! If only everyone was so willing to embrace their childlike imagination, think of how much more interesting the world would be! xx

Happy New Year!

lucia m said...


Bonnie said...

I really need your tights in my life. If I wore the tights with high boots, it would look like I was wearing garters, and that's awesome because I don't actually HAVE to wear a garter belt to make that happen. Garter belts are lame.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

just tututiny said...

What a beautiful dress, I love the color and pattern on it!

Hope you had a wonderful New Year!

Check out my blog for a review of V Nunes jewelry, thanks ;)

dusanabotswana said...

You look adorable, love it w/ those yellow wedges & cowl scarf. & fantastic- it's def not too short! but i do know what you mean, i feel like I can wear way shorter things than usual if tights are there. Hope you put on a few sweaters quickly after though! : ) Thanks so much for your comment, def worth visiting the Grand Canyon someday.

Nina said...

You are such a sweet couple! love the pictures of your boyfriend and you:)

Jamie Rose said...

That bow dress is so cute and you look adorable in it! I'm loving the suspender tights you paired with it too. And great hipster glasses! I have some like those in a tortoise-type print from zennioptical. They're even prescription!

hellolyndsey said...

awww mags you look sooo adorable! i know i'm late on commenting but my life has been hectic crazy lately too, and i'm sure you completely understand! i hope all is going well your way. i wish josh would take my outfit photos more often and enjoy it more (if i weren't so bossy about them!) lol. anyways, i just adore this look. those glasses and that scarf.. ah! so jealous.
lyndsey of hellolyndsey

Katie said...

What a beautiful dress!! I love it! Bows are one of my favorite things in the world.