Sunday, January 29

like but dislike

i like coffee in the mornings but i don't like texts that get unanswered or ignored.

i like lotion and perfume and nail polish but i don't like make-up minus a really great liquid eye liner.

i like living with girls but i don't like it at all at the very same time.

i like being in college but i miss the days when not studying got me an A and all I had to worry about was that night's homework, not picking a major.

i like shopping at goodwill and salvation army but i also have a really big crush on anthropologie and modcloth.

i like fridays and all but i really, really hate having organic chemistry quizzes until 5pm.

i like exercising but i really hate waking up early enough to go to the gym and if you don't go until after 3PM, you'll never get an elliptical.

i like kindles but i also really love the feel of a book in my hands.

i like listening to music but i also love the silence of an empty dorm room at night.

i like being young but i also really wish i was a *little* bit older.

i like blogging but i hate being on the computer for too long despite what my sister might say. it makes my day feel useless.

i like speaking my mind but i'm also scared of how the other person will react.


Well... said...

Completely agree/understand all of these contradicting thoughts!
There's always two sides to a coin, isn't there?

Leslie Quiros said...

I like kindles too but I love books more.. theres just something about them!

kylee said...

unanswered texts are definitey a pet peeve of mine. the only make up i have ever worn in my life is eye liner, mascara and blush. minus dance performances though - i was obligated to cake it on for those. amen to easy A's in high school. sometimes i feel the same way about blogging - i love it soooo much but after i get off the computer and realize how long it took me to get through all the blogs i love to read i feel bad about my seemingly wasted time.